An agreement was signed between KFAS and TWAS to contribute to the Academy’s Endowment Fund as well as yearly contributions for the Academy’s capacity building activities and their quarterly Newsletters. TWAS is a global science academy based in Trieste, Italy, working to advance science and engineering for sustainable prosperity in the developing world. TWAS and its partners offer over 600 fellowships per year to scientists in the developing world who want to pursue PhDs and postdoctoral research. TWAS prizes and awards are among the most prestigious given for scientific work in the developing world. The Academy distributes more than USD1 million in research grants every year to individual scientists and research groups. It supports visiting scientists and provides funding for regional and international science meetings.

The contribution by KFAS targets two areas:  

  • Human scientific capacity building in the Arab Region with special focus on young scientists:

The agreements support the enrolment of highly promising and strongly performing young scientists in the TWAS Young Affiliates. Furthermore, the grant fund two types of prizes: Regional Prizes and Young Arab Scientist Prize awarded to emerging and acclaimed scientists in the Arab world. Lastly it supports the participation of young scientists in major relevant global conferences and events.

  • Communicating the importance of science for the developing world: publication and dissemination.

The grant support the development and operation of TWAS website and social media outlets, the development of TWAS communication systems to facilitate dissemination, enrolment in TWAS programmes, and monitoring of their impact.

Furthermore, and with the support of the grant, TWAS Newsletter is recognized as an authoritative view of science, technology and innovation issues in the developing world, and as a platform for building bridges between scientists and policymakers in the South and between scientific communities in the South and North.

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Contact at TWAS:  Prof. Romain Murenzi, Executive Director:

Contact at KFAS : Office of International Programs:

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