Training Programs

1) Professional Development Initiative (PDI) 

In 2015, the Professional Development Initiative (PDI) was launched in a partnership between KFAS and the National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce (NUSACC). Fully funded by KFAS, the aim of this program is to build U.S.-Kuwait business and capacity-building through one‐year professional fellowships in the U.S. The Kuwaiti PDI fellows gain value with on-the-job experience in a U.S. professional work environment that they can bring home to Kuwait once their year is potentially completed with their host company.

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2) Training Opportunities for High Achieving New Graduates

KFAS strives to maintain a solid base of competent Kuwaiti human capital. Thus, we offer you a unique opportunity to sharpen your academic competence through many research and training grants, varying between Internships, Postgraduate Interim Research, and Post-Doctoral research.

Conditions of Application:

  1. Kuwaiti nationals
  2. Age should not exceed 35 at time of application.
  3. For science and technology fields: Excellent grade at the most recent university degree (GPA of 3.67 or higher).
  4. For medical fields (GPA of 3.33 or higher).
  5. The most recent university degree is earned from one of the world’s top 200 universities according to the following ranking:!/page/0/length/25/sort_by/rank/sort_order/asc/cols/stats
  6. The applicant has not received financial support for the training opportunity requested.
  7. The applicant agrees to attend the training program full time during its course.
  8. The applicant’s written consent on these terms.
  9. The program’s course should not exceed 3-6 months.

KFAS provides the following to the Student

  1. A monthly stipend:
    • Internship = KD 700.
    • Interim Research = KD 1200.
    • Post-Doc Research = KD 1400.
  2. Full medical insurance coverage.
  3. KD 800 allowance for 1 round-trip ticket.

  Application Submission Windows

Interested candidates can submit their applications during these dates:

  1. April 1st to April 30th every year
  2. October 1st to October 31st every year.

To apply for training activities, download the application form and time window: 

  1. Training Application Form
  2. Training Time window


  1. E- mail:
  2. 22278100    ext: 1411 – 1623 – 1624


3) MIT Summer Internship   

Kuwait-MIT Summer Research Internships: The Center offers scholars and outstanding students from Kuwait an opportunity to visit and work at MIT through the summer research internship.

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