Vacancy Details

مدير برنامج – تطوير الشركات

Manage the lifecycle of the programs under ST4 which deal with assisting Shareholders in developing their STI capabilities and which seek to create awareness for the Shareholders:
Program 1 – Build absorptive capacity, disseminate best practices and identify up-to-date STI needs of shareholding companies for STI and management capability development.

المهام والمسئوليات الرئيسية


  1. Work towards the achievement of the strategic outcomes assigned to ST4, with particular reference to the goals and objectives of Program 1.
  2. Monitor the utilization of budgets allocated to the program on a periodic basis and report to the Director.
  3. Assist in identifying problems or gaps in the current Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) system and recommend specific intervention programs to address them.


  1. Identify and manage relationships with the Shareholders. Leverage the contacts and relationships developed by the Contributions Manager.
  2. Consult and engage with the Shareholding companies and key stakeholders to validate the STI and management capability development issues and needs.
  3. Develop an annual survey in order to create a baseline for many of the outputs and outcomes so that improvements can be continuously made.
  4. Identify initiatives that will build the awareness of the Shareholder Development function in KFAS. This should be achieved in coordination with the Communications for leveraging their PR, Media and Communications capability.
  5. Promote STI success stories to generate new demand by Shareholder companies.
  6. Identify information and publications that would be useful the Shareholder companies and create mechanisms to disseminate such information accordingly.
  7. Identify new Program Plan areas and draft the required documentation for review by the Director Innovation and Enterprise.
  8. Develop an annual case study paper that highlights the year’s success stories to be published and distributed
  9. Organize interfaces between Shareholding companies, research and academic institutions/centers, and public sector to build a network of cooperation between these stakeholders.
  10. Liaise with the Strategic Planning and Evaluation to review and update the Program KPIs and understand how to track the performance.
  11. Monitor the performance of each of the programs through the continuous tracking of the Program KPIs and compiling performance reports for the Director Innovation and Enterprise.
  12. Work hand in hand with any consultants engaged with KFAS for the purposes of ST4 programs.


  1. Establish the performance plans for direct subordinates.
  2. Drive the engagement and satisfaction of all employees to discuss the achievements of the program/s and address any employee issues and/or concerns.
  3. Participate in the identification of training and development initiatives for all employees within the Department.

Key Interactions and Relationships


  1. Director General
  2. Strategic Planning & Evaluation
  3. DDG Programs
  4. Finance
  5. Contributions


  1. Shareholding Companies
  2. Training and development institutions
  3. Consultants
  4. Media and publishing companies
  5. Coaching/Mentor specialist organizations


  1. Masters Degree in Business Administration, Corporate Communications or Training and Development
  2. Project Management Professional (PMP)


  1. 12 years experience within the corporate environment, preferably in providing corporate related services
  2. Minimum of 5 years project management experience
  3. Experience in a funding institution of a similar size and nature is desirable



  • Organization Building and Resourcing
  • Decision Making
  • Driving and Managing Change
  • Building Partnerships
  • Visioning and Alignment


  • Program Management
  • Program Budget Management
  • Program Design
  • Accessing, Developing & Sharing Knowledge
  • ST4: Training and Capacity Technical Knowledge
  • Program Review, Monitoring & Evaluation


  • Time Management
  • Communication Skills