Vacancy Details

Interactive Media Specialist

Support the IDL team to create and develop interactive, high quality courses through different media’s including animation, video, imagery, audio, and front-end HTML-5 style animation.


  1. Ensure continuous understanding of animation industries changes and developments
  2. Develop and maintain understanding of training industry to ensure up to date techniques are being used to enhance customer experience


  1. Work with IDL department to develop product portfolio of KFAS solutions to help meet KFAS Academy’s objectives.
  2. Liaise with KFAS internal teams to understand their animation and creative requirements.
  3. Be part of the storyboard design and develop process to agree on set objectives and given job scope.
  4. Develop and create animation videos based on agreed storyboards using appropriate techniques to suit the set objective and course setting.
  5. Work within deadlines to meet projected course launches.
  6. Work with internal departments to ensure successful implementation of developed animation videos/images.
  7. Follow up to ensure learner satisfaction and sustained interest.


  1. IDL Team
  2. Higher-Education Department. Professional Development Department.


  1. SME (Subject matter experts)
  2. International and local content partners


  1. BS degree in either computer graphics, animation, communication, or applied computer field.
  2. Creative and imaginative.
  3. Ability to communicate using different forms and ways.
  4. Relevant drawing skills is a plus.


  1. 3-5 years of working experience in the field (inc. freelancing)
  2. Experience in Adobe After Affect, or similar industry standard.
  3. Experience in tools of the trade, especially 2D animation, and web-based animation.
  4. Experience in integrating front-end web-based api’s is a plus.