Mission and Vision

Under the new KFAS 2017-2021 strategy, the Foundation has renewed its commitment to play a leading catalytic role in supporting the efforts to transform the country from a rentier state to a knowledge-driven economy through investment in human resource development and national scale projects that provide innovative solutions to challenges of national priority. The strategy also supports the aims and objectives of the National Development Plan 2035, as well as the Five-year Development Plan of the State of Kuwait. Thus, the Foundation's new strategy embraces the latest ideas and concepts on Kuwait’s needs of science, technology, and innovation and recognizes the vital role of the Foundation and its Centers in addressing these needs, ensuring a more systematic approach of its funding and sponsorship programs.

“A thriving culture of science, technology and innovation (STI) for sustainable Kuwait”

“Stimulate and encourage progress and advancement of Science, Technology, and Innovation for the benefit of society, research and enterprises in the State of Kuwait”

The strategy is focused around three main core thrusts, focused on improving and enhancing STI among three main stakeholders: general public, with an emphasis on the youth, the research and scientific community, and private sector. The core thrusts are further fostered by support programs, focusing on providing resources and tools to ensure that overall strategic objectives of the Foundation are met successfully.

The The three key strategic thrust areas are:

  1. Advocating science, education and scientific culture:
    This strategic thrust area focuses on advocating a scientific culture throughout society by offering programs and initiatives focused on improving science and math education in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, promoting awareness for STI throughout the community through the funding and promotion of STI initiatives,  and developing and implementing electronic platforms for the dissemination of scientific content to the public, with a particular emphasis on the youth.
  2. Enhancing R&D capacity in Kuwaiti scientific institutions:
    This strategic thrust area focuses on enhancing research and development competencies and capacity within Kuwaiti research and academic institutions by  funding and supporting basic and applied research, as well as the deployment of new and innovative technologies, targeted towards addressing national challenges. This also involves mobilizing additional research funding from government to reach the minimum target of 1% of GDP invested in research.

  3. Strengthening capacity for innovation in business and the youth:
    This strategic thrust area concentrates its efforts on building the innovation capacity for businesses and individuals through fostering and supporting the development of human capital through STI in the private sector, as well as among the youth at large. There is also emphasis on promoting and advancing STI throughout the private sector, including the promotion of research and development, and in the development and enhancement of SMEs.