For the Private Sector

KFAS provides a number of programs for the private sector that aims to develop human capital and research within enterprises. We fund research and seminars that help identify obstacles and devise solutions to Kuwait’s economic challenges, we offer capacity-building innovation training programs for private sector employees and we facilitate collaboration with international institutions to enhance business development and research to further transform Kuwait’s economy into a knowledge-based economy.

Investing in human capital is at the core of KFAS mission, hence, we provide a number of capacity-building training programs for the private sector locally and internationally. These programs aim to promote a culture of innovation in business. Our partnerships with international training institutes and universities include Harvard and UC Berkeley.

To learn more about all our programs:  Download the KFAS Learning Calendar 2020



In light of the current situation around COVID19, we at KFAS have been in touch with some of our university partners regarding online webinars. We have been working hard with our partners to put together some valuable material to be available and free for our stakeholders to help them through this tough period. 

Below, we will be adding webinars from our international partners and sessions that will help navigate through these uncertain times which will aid to adapt to the new work environment and learn about the consequences of the COVID-19 on the economy and other areas of our lives.

These webinars, interviews, articles and links are open to our stakeholders to register to for free. The dates and times are available upon registration. New content will be available on a weekly basis.



  • “COVID-19 Impact on Kuwait” - Economic Research Department; National Bank of Kuwait (NBK)
    Daniel Kaye, Head of Economic Research Department at NBK, discusses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Kuwait’s economy.
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  • Sharing Innovative Ideas - INSEAD Knowledge (The Business School for the World)
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  • Special Coverage
    Coronavirus: Leading and working through a pandemic - Harvard Business Review
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  • Leading Through Crisis - Haas School of Business and UC Berkeley Executive Education 
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Upcoming Webinars

    • Artificial Intelligence for Better Outcomes - General Electric (Customer education)
      Dates : Thursday, 22 October 2020   3:00 pm Dubai time      
      Registration Link: click to register
    • Strengths and Weaknesses of the Blockchain Technology (co-hosted with HKUST)
      Dates : Wednesday, 28 October 2020   4:00 am Kuwait time       
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      Previous Webinars

        • We Are All Leaders Now: Seizing the Leadership Moment - Wharton Executive Education        
          Date: Tuesday, 21 April 2020   
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        • Crisis Recovery and Transformation - Center for Creative Leadership 
          Date: Wednesday, 15 April 2020 
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        • Leading in Uncertain Times: Before, During, and After COVID-19 - Wharton Executive Education      
          Date: Tuesday, 14 April 2020  
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        • Case Discussion: Chilean Mining Rescue and Summary - Harvard Business School 
          Crisis Management for Leaders - Program 5, Session 1 
          Date: Thursday, 9 April 2020 - 5:30 pm 
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        • Preparing for the Business Impact of COVID-19 - Wharton Executive Education    
          Date: Tuesday, 7 April 2020 
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        • Recognizing and Managing Novel Risks in Your Supply Chain - Harvard Business School 
          Crisis Management for Leaders - Program 4, Session 2 
          Date: Tuesday, 7 April 2020 - 5:30 pm 
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        • Structuring the Organizational Response - Harvard Business School   
          Crisis Management for Leaders - Program 3, Session 1 
          Date: Thursday, 2 April 2020 - 10:30 am 
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        • Coping with Sudden Changes in Cash Needs and Availability - Harvard Business School   
          Crisis Management for Leaders - Program 2, Session 1 
          Date: Monday, 30 March 2020 - 5:30 pm 
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        • COVID-19 as a Novel Event and Risk Management Framework - Harvard Business School
          Crisis Management for Leaders - Program 1, Session 1
          Date: Tuesday, 24 March 2020, 7:00 am
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