For the Public and CSO's

KFAS aims to promotes science technology and innovation by organizing public talks within those fields and by funding various activities and and endorsing initiatives of civil society organizations and non profit organizations.


No, the contribution of the Foundation is partial; it is determined after studying the estimated budget of the event, provided by the entity, through the submission of the Support Application Form.

No, the support is limited to events held inside the State of Kuwait, not outside of it.

The Entity can apply the Support Application Form during the timeline calendars which are available on the official website of Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences.

An official letter shall be sent by the Entity for support request. The Support Application Form, including the estimated budget of the event, is filled out and approved by the Chairman of the Organizing Committee and then to be sent to the Foundation.

The support amount is disbursed in two payments. 30% of the support amount is disbursed upon approval of the Support Application Form, while the second payment will be paid at the end of the event. The Entity shall send an official letter claiming the final payment amount; a Final Payment Claim Form (Actual budget of the event) is needed to be filled out. An administrative report about the event, along with the attendance sheet, to be attached and sent to the Foundation.

In case of cancellation of the event by the Entity, the Entity shall send an official letter to the Foundation in which it states the reasons of cancellation, along with a check in the name of Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences in the amount of the first payment.

Yes, the Entity can get benefit more than one time from window timeline.

No, it isn’t possible. The Foundation does not issue Disbursement Order for individuals.

Yes, it is possible. You can send the Support Application Form, its relevant attachments and any other requirements via email, provided that they are approved by signature.

If the actual total amount is less than the total estimated amount (An estimated amount that is not exceeding the contribution determined by the Foundation), the final payment of the contribution of the Foundation will be recalculated. It is noteworthy to mention that the contribution of the Foundation is calculated based on the total actual amount.