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Who We Are

KFAS, a private non-profit organization was established in 1976 by an Amiri Decree under the direction of the late Amir of Kuwait, HH Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. His enduring vision has been to create and develop a thriving culture of science, technology and innovation for a sustainable Kuwait. KFAS’s charter represents the commitment by local shareholding companies to contribute 5 percent of their annual net profits to fund the foundation, which over the years has been reduced to 1 percent.

Tremendous strides have been made throughout KFAS’s journey to promote STI and encourage a culture of research and development in Kuwaiti society, especially considering the numerous challenges inherent to generating socioeconomic growth and national development in such a groundbreaking manner. KFAS has been building a well-equipped STI workforce to meet the socio-economic adversities that Kuwait and other countries are bound to face, in particular encouraging and educating the youth. Here in Kuwait, the foundation promotes and advocates for science, technology and innovation through the dissemination of knowledge in a number of different ways, including scientific publications, books and community-based events. The foundation also collaborates with local and international institutions to raise the quality of research in Kuwait and drive innovative solutions for areas of national priority. KFAS is also building an STI-competent private sector by fostering the means to increase R&D capacity, as well as to increase the private-sector investments in STI. Finally, through our regional and international collaborations with world-renowned academic and research institutions and major corporations, KFAS gives the local community greater access to partnerships focused on enhancing the national science and technology platform.

Specialized centers of excellence have been established in Kuwait and continue to be funded as subsidiaries of the foundation, providing the country with additional ways to address national challenges through research and development.

These are:

  • The Scientific Center
  • Dasman Diabetes Institute
  • Sabah Al Ahmad Center for Giftedness and Creativity
  • Jaber Al Ahmad Center for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
  • KFAS Academy
  • The Advancement of Science Publishing and Distribution Company

KFAS’s strategic objectives continue to guide the foundation as it strives to catalyze the change Kuwait needs to ensure the country’s future development and long-term sustainability.

It is through these defined strategic objectives that the foundation continues to strive to achieve its mission and vision, and catalyze the change needed in the country to foster its future development and long-term sustainability.