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Jaber Al-Ahmad Molecular Imaging Center (JAC)

The Jaber Al Ahmad Center for Molecular Imaging was established to translate the Foundation’s objective of making the State of Kuwait a prominent regional destination in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging. The Center’s main foundation objective was to provide a rich environment that supports the conduct of research and clinical trials, the training of specialists and technicians in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging as well as the production of the various radioactive materials and radiopharmaceuticals. The Center’s ambitions, objectives and vision have since then broadened to include the focus on strengthening health services in Kuwait through the scientific progress made in medical services as well as providing an exceptional academic platform for education, training and scientific research.
The Center’s aspirations revolve around four basic objectives: providing excellent medical services in line with the best international standards, establishing an academic platform to conduct scientific research and provide educational and training opportunities at both the local and regional levels, and producing radioactive materials for clinical and research uses in accordance with the best quality and safety standards.