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KFAS supports Women and Science Week (February 11-17) – Empowering Kuwaiti Women in Science.

Feb 15, 2022

   On Women and Science Week (February 11-17), The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS); praised the vital role played by Kuwaiti women in various scientific fields and their distinguished accomplishments.  KFAS affirmed its commitment to support and encourage the participation of women in pioneering the broad horizons of science and contributing to its various fields, empowering them in technological fields, celebrating the contributions of women and their building of civilization

   KFAS stated that it continues to support women's participation in scientific activities, especially in research projects and patents; their participation in scientific conferences, postgraduate studies in rare disciplines, and awarding them prizes for their scientific achievements.

   This strong commitment was recently exemplified by KFAS supporting the Women in Cyber Security in the Middle East (WiCSME) conference. The conference focused on building the capacities of women to contribute achieving digital transformation, enhance their skills required to keep pace with the developments of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and empower women in technological fields, especially information and communication technology.

   The Kuwaiti winners of prestigious awards at the (WiCSME) conference, praised the pioneering role played by (KFAS) in empowering Kuwaiti women to engage in the field of cybersecurity and to join the international scene in this vital field.

   On Women and Science Week, the winners expressed their pride in the achievements they made at that conference organized by the (WiCSME) in the Middle East, adding that their achievements will be reflected in supporting and enhancing the role of Kuwaiti women in the cybersecurity industry and achieving digital transformation in the country.

    The winner of the Executive Director of Cyber Security Competition, Engineer Heba Muhammad Al-Sawwan, said that the main incentive for her to participate in the competition was the presence of Kuwait in the competitions for a large and well-known international women's prize with the participation of active women from all countries of the Middle East.

   Al-Sawwan, who works as Director of Networks and Technical Support Department at the Public Institution for Social Security, expressed her pride in winning this award, which is supported by the (KFAS), adding that the award represents one of the most important awards of the conference, and is supervised by a group of specialized referees from several international and prestigious universities and scientific institutes.

   She added: "I have the honor to dedicate this victory to my country, Kuwait, as well as to my colleagues at work," considering that her victory "is a victory for working Kuwaiti women as much as it is a personal victory for me in that international conference, which constituted an important intellectual addition to me."

   In addition, a member of the team that won first place in the regional cyber competition (Capture the Flag), Engineer Amal Adel Al-Khulaifi, said, "It is a great honor to represent my country, Kuwait, in a major and international competition on the Middle East scale."

   She expressed that she took pride in winning the (Capture the Flag) award with her team, which was an outstanding educational experience, especially as it is "one of my favorite hobbies", adding that she loves solving challenges which constitutes an intellectual addition "because this pushes me to develop problem-solving and creative thinking skills."

   "I am honored to be a member of the WiCSME group with a team of wonderful women in the field of cybersecurity," she added, expressing her thanks to all the contributors to supporting the group conference and encouraging Kuwaiti women to enter this vital field.

   For her part, the member of the team that won third place in the regional cyber competition (Capture the Flag), Engineer Fatima Fouad Al-Yousef expressed her thanks and appreciation to the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences for its sponsorship of the conference and its subsidiary competitions with the aim of empowering Kuwaiti women in the field of cybersecurity and enhancing their participation in scientific research.

   Al-Yousef, who holds the position of senior security officer at Warba Bank, said: "I feel happy that I am part of the administrative team of the Association, Kuwait branch, where we have presented many workshops to spread cyber awareness, and we affirmed our keenness to spread scientific benefit, and we have truly proven that sharing knowledge is the means to success and progress."

   The conference was held in its second edition from November 29 to 30, 2021 under the slogan (Towards a Resilient and Empowered Future), with the participation of more than 1,300 members from the Middle East and North Africa region and an elite group of international experts in the field of cybersecurity. It focused on the importance of flexibility and women empowerment in the field of cyber security to face the common challenges in this field.

   The conference, which all its sessions were held online, included keynote speeches, panel discussions, technical and non-technical sessions, and interactive workshops that dealt with important topics in the field of cybersecurity from various perspectives, presented by speakers from the Middle East and international experts.

     KFAS support extends to January 2007, in cooperation with Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), by jointly organizing the first international conference for women leaders in science, technology and engineering. KFAS continued by organized the second conference in October 2017 under the patronage of His Highness the late Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, with the participation of a group of female scientists from all over the world who have distinguished contributions in these scientific fields.