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International Teacher Program at CERN Applications Open

Nov 20, 2018

CERN offers two 2-week international teacher programmes: The International High School Teacher (HST) Programme and the International Teacher Weeks (ITW) Programme. Both programmes are delivered entirely in English and are open for in-service science teachers from around the world. The goals of CERN’s international teacher programmes are:

•To support teachers’ professional development in the field of particle physics.

•To promote the teaching of particle physics in high schools.

•To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience among teachers of different nationalities.

•To stimulate activities related to the popularisation of physics within and beyond the classroom.

•To help CERN establish closer links with schools all around the world.

KFAS will sponsor any Kuwaiti teacher under 45 years of age. Upon acceptance to the International Teacher Program, teachers can contact KFAS at , and call 22278100 ext. 1511.

Click here to learn more about and apply to the program.