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KFAS Achieves 100% Kuwaitization of the Workforce in the Upper and Middle Management Levels

Jul 04, 2021

The Director General of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, Dr. Khaled A. Al-Fadhel, affirmed the Foundation's keenness to achieve its established goals through its distinguished national cadres representing 100% of the upper and middle management levels workforce.

“This is a new milestone achieved by KFAS in line with the implementation of the directives of the wise leadership of the State of Kuwait that directed the Foundation's Board of Directors to the need to spare no efforts to support the fields of science and technology, encourage the establishment of an environment that enhances research, knowledge and innovation in Kuwait, and develop the capabilities of Kuwaiti citizens across all scientific fields” Dr. Al-Fadhel said.

He revealed that the current management of the Foundation is now focused on attracting distinguished Kuwaiti competencies in various fields and specializations for the purpose of optimizing the talented national workforce that it relies upon to implement the current plans of the Foundation and its future strategies, as well as to actively contribute to the desired sustainable development process in the State of Kuwait.

“I trust that the national Kuwaiti employees working in the Foundation will contribute to achieving its vision of spreading a thriving scientific, technological and innovative culture for a sustainable Kuwait. They will also support KFAS in carrying out its mission focused on encouraging progress in science, technology and innovation and stimulating these fields for the benefit of society, research and companies in the State of Kuwait” he added.

Dr. Al-Fadhel stressed on the fact that “the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences continues to implement its plans aimed at increasing the percentage of Kuwaiti employees, in order to enhance the role of this distinguished national human wealth in facing the various challenges that the country is dealing with”.

He pointed out the Foundation's keenness to continuously develop the national energies working with KFAS by providing the best specialized training courses and the latest scientific programs that suit their fields of work in addition to the best opportunities to exchange experiences with the best and most qualified regional and global experts.

The Foundation had announced at the beginning of this month the availability of a number of vacancies for Kuwaiti citizens. The conditions to apply for these vacancies are available on the Foundation’s website: