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KFAS completes delivery of medical and personal protective devices to the Ministry of Health

May 14, 2020

  • Dr. Al-Bedah: The first goal of the health program in the "emergency response" has been achieved
  • Ambassador Hayat: “We thank China for its cooperation with us in this critical period
  • Dr. Al-Bader: KFAS is playing a vital role in enhancing the strategic stock of personal protective equipment


The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) announced the completion of delivery to the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health of all the shipments of artificial respirators, personal protective equipment and medical supplies that the Foundation pledged to provide as part of its efforts under its emergency response program developed to contribute to reducing the repercussions of the emerging COVID-19 pandemic. The batch received yesterday was the last one that completed the shipments brought by more than four civil and military aircraft, in addition to the devices purchased from the local market.

The Foundation has pledged to allocate Kuwaiti Dinars 10 million to the emergency response program that it has launched in mid-March, under the guidance of His Highness the Emir of Kuwait and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Foundation. This program aims at supporting the country's response to the current situation in the areas of education, health, business environment and civil society organizations.

Dr. Amani Al-Bedah - Deputy Director General for Support Programs and Functions, responsible for the public health program under the Foundation’s emergency response program said the arrival and delivery of equipment to the Health Ministry achieves the first goal of the public health program which is the active contribution to securing the vital equipment necessary to help frontline workers against infection, as well as providing the necessary care for patients in critical situations. She further noted that the Foundation's action in this context represents the central role that the private sector plays in responding to the pandemic.

“This achievement would not have been possible without the concerted national efforts represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense and the team receiving the emergency equipment as well as the organizing air freight, that made great efforts to secure the arrival of the shipment in a timely manner”, Dr. Al-Bedah added expressing the Foundation's appreciation for the tremendous efforts that are made daily to ensure an effective response to the pandemic.

She also praised the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its fruitful cooperation with the Foundation in dealing with the pandemic, highlighting the Ministry’s efforts, through the Embassy of Kuwait in China, in supporting the Foundation in achieving the goals of its programs.

Mr. Samih Hayat, the Ambassador of Kuwait to China, expressed Kuwait’s appreciation and gratitude for the cooperation of the Chinese government with the Kuwaiti embassy in China to ensure the smooth arrival of the medical equipment and supplies to Kuwait during this critical period in which the entire world suffers from a severe shortage of these devices.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Badr, Assistant Undersecretary for Medicines and Medical Equipment in the Ministry of Health, affirmed the importance of strengthening the strategic stock of personal protective equipment and ventilators, praising the role of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science in securing these equipment and facilitating the ministry’s mission in obtaining them through the cooperation with the Foundation in response to the pandemic.

Dr. Al-Bedah has also stressed that KFAS continues to work towards achieving the other goals of the public health emergency response program that has been established since the outbreak of the pandemic to support the scientific research that would enlighten health policy making, as well as to hold training programs for doctors, support distinguished field innovations, and contribute to community awareness raising. "Many KFAS projects supporting the health sector are under review by the Ministry of Health and will be implemented as soon as the Ministry approves them", she concluded.