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Appointment of a New Director-General of the Scientific Center

Aug 17, 2017

The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences announced the appointment of Mrs. Rana Abdallah Al-Nibari as Director General of the Scientific Center effective 6 August 2017. Dr. Adnan Shihab El-Din, the Director-General of the Foundation, expressed his pleasure at Mrs. Rana’s joining the family of the Center, established by the Foundation, as a successor to late Engineer Mjbel Suleiman Al-Mutawa. Dr. Shihab El-Din added: "The extensive management experience of Mrs. Rana in the private sector companies and in NGO’s is an added value of significance to the Scientific Center and to the Foundation at large.”

Dr. Adnan added: “Mrs. Rana’s appointment avails a great opportunity for us to take advantage of her exceptional capacities and strategic planning skills and we look forward to a new momentum at the Center full of accomplishments to continue the legacy of excellence of the Center led by the late Mjbel Suleiman Al-Mutawa.

For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Scientific Center, Mr. Sami Fahad Al-Rushaid, welcomed Ms. Rana Abdallah Al-Nibari, on his behalf and on behalf of the members of the Board, wishing her success and commended the role of Mr. Abdulaziz Abdel Rahman Al-Dua’j, who served as acting CEO since the passing of Engineer Mjbel. He added that Mrs. Rana holds a BSc. in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University and an MBA from the London Business School. Referring to Rana’s experience, Mr. Al-Rushaid added: “Rana worked for 17 years in the private sector in various capacities, the most recent of which was as the CEO of Injaz-Kuwait, where she can boast an indubitable track record of excellence.

Mrs. Rana will work with the Executive Department and the staff of the Scientific Center who have demonstrated their extensive experience and who succeeded in making the Center a beacon for recreational education, the dissemination of the culture of science and environment protection and preservation in Kuwait and the region. Under the guidance of the BOD and in cooperation with the executive staff at the Center, her first task will target the development of the long-term strategic plan of the Center and the supervision of the expansion project at the Center, the first phase of which will launch in the fall of 2017. .

It should be noted that prior to joining the Centre, Mrs. Rana has made a number of field visits to some leading scientific centers and museums specialized in recreational education to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field during her trip to the USA last June.  The Scientific Center in Kuwait could benefit from her experience to strengthen its capacities and to fulfill its mandate with distinction. Mrs. Rana’s field trips in the USA were supported by KFAS and all the facilities she visited may potentially partner with the Scientific Center in the future.