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Call for Practical Solutions on National Food Security and Supply Chain Disruption

Apr 14, 2020

As a part of KFAS Emergency Resilience Program  efforts to help and support Kuwait to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the KFAS is launching a special call for practical solutions that address the implications of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on national food security and supply chain disruption.

The goal is that through the funding provided, the national food supply chain remains stable and uninterrupted. A major social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been anxiety-driven panic consumption, which has impacted the availability of vital food groups. It is vital, during this time, more than ever, that the highly globalised nature of food production and supply becomes more localised.    

  1. Farm-to-Table Digital Solution: Consideration will be given to digital solutions developers that provide the framework for a user-friendly digital platform. At a minimum, this digital platform should provide an ecosystem allowing for Kuwaiti farmers to sell their goods directly to the consumer. Having an intuitive onboarding process for the farm owners, inventory management, order handling, and features that would be found in any mature digital supply chain solution. Special consideration will be given to digital solutions developers who have the capabilities to implement and pilot the solution in short time.

  2. Scaling of Agriculture/Aquaculture Production: Consideration will be given to proposals that address the current shortages in key food groups within Kuwait and how to best scale up production locally to avoid further disruptions to the food supply chain. Special consideration will be given to innovative (yet realistic) proposals that can be implemented locally as soon as possible to ensure the food security of Kuwait and stability of its supply chain.

  3. Food Storage Solution: Reducing wastage through appropriate food preservation and storage solutions is critical. Consideration will be given to proposals that address practical solutions for mass raw food storage, (either at the farms, warehouses, or food manufacturers). Special consideration will be given to proposals that vastly improve the availability of foods beyond the area and season of production, thus stabilising supplies, and increasing food security at the national level.

  4. Food Waste Management and Recycling: Food production is highly dependent on non-renewable energy and water, with waste being generated at each phase of food production. Food waste, if not managed well, can lead to water, soil and food contamination. Consideration will be given to proposals for packaging solutions that maintain food freshness during transportation and elongate shelf life. Further consideration will be given to proposals for food waste (and associated food packaging waste) management, and recycling of waste associated with food production.

Proposals can be submitted by completing the application forms available by clicking here   or visiting our website at

For inquiry and more information, please email us at:

Important Notes:

  1. Attached is a sample template which can be used to guide you on the important information required in your proposal. please click here
  2. KFAS is not looking to procure your services/solutions. 
  3. KFAS is not looking to fund research projects under this call for practical solutions (If you are working on a research project, please contact the Research Directorate). 
  4. It is vital your proposal provides clear details on how you plan to implement the proposed practical solution. 
  5. Your proposal should provide sufficient details to convince KFAS that your institution have the capabilities to implement what is being proposed in a timely manner. 
  6. It is vital your proposal has a detailed project timeline. The duration of your project should not exceed 6 months from project start to piloting the solution. 
  7. It is vital your proposal includes a detailed budget with sufficient justification. 
  8. The proposal should have a clear pilot scheme (where you propose to implement the solution) and how the stakeholder will benefit from having adopted your practical solution. 
  9. It would be wise to include details of similar projects your institution has worked on in the past. 
  10. Please note, those eligible to apply to the call for practical solutions are the private sector, academic/research institutions, and NGOs in Kuwait.