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Call for Research Proposals 2019

Nov 25, 2018

KFAS announces the First Cycle of 2019 for submission of applications seeking funding of research proposals.

Researchers with interests in the areas listed below are welcome to submit their full proposals no later than 31st January 2019.

National Research Priorities


•Innovative application of renewable energy technologies that lead to significant reduction in peak load and energy consumption.

•Development of realistic Energy Use Intensity benchmarks for different types of buildings.

•Policy oriented research aiming at improving and optimizing the use of available energy technologies and schemes that promote energy efficiency and conservation in existing and new buildings.

•Development of advanced technologies that can contribute to the long term sustainalbity of petroleum by making it more efficient and environment-friendly, including Carbon Capture and Storage, and Direct Air Capture rechnologies.

•Development of smart energy grids for Kuwait.


•Innovation in Desalination Technologies, including the applications of nano-technologies

•Integrated Water Management including preservation, protection and wastewater recycling.

•Policy oriented research aiming at optimizing not only the use of available and new water production technologies, but also the economics of domestic water and energy systems.

3.Health and Environment

•Solid Waste Treatment and Management ( by type of solid waste e.g. plastic, glass, metal etc.)

•Prevention and control of pollution including waste recycling and management of hazardous material through development of strategies and technologies.

•Restoration of degraded ecosystems.

•Climate change research in relation to best approaches to meet Kuwait’s obligations, with emphasis on new promising technologies and policies.

•Advanced technologies and experimental therapeutics for the management and prevention of chronic diseases and conditions exacerbated by environmental factors.

Competitive Research & Research Capacity Building

KFAS welcomes proposals that span all research fields; from fundamental sciences to industrially applicable sciences, that address research capacity building (exploratory projects) or have clearly demonstrated a high value potential application to Kuwait’s society and economy.

Requested funding for research projects under this category have a ceiling of KD 50,000 per award, except exploratory projects which have a grant ceiling of KD 10,000 per award.

KFAS Competitive Research Priorities

KFAS will place special emphasis and give priority to research proposals that:

•Address important national priority issues such as housing, traffic, diversification of Kuwaiti economy and food security within a national strategy

•Explore new science frontiers by integrating related disciplines (inter-disciplinary) to enhance areas of research;

•Promote Inter-institutional research involving several institutions (local, regional, international);

•Account for jointly funded research to support collaborative partnerships amongst several research institutions (local, regional, international).


Researchers/scientists from the Kuwaiti Research & Higher Education sector, governmental institutions, Kuwaiti Shareholding Companies (KSC) and non-profit organizations, are eligible to apply for research funding. However, all applications should be submitted through the institute/organization to which the applicant is affiliated. Researchers/scientists from International academic and research institutes may also apply for research grants if the research project involves substantial collaboration, submitted through, and administered by a national (Kuwaiti) institute.

- Note that multi-institutional / interdisciplinary proposals are especially welcome provided that the proposals highlight clearly the purpose of collaboration that would intrinsically add value to the research plans and possible outcomes/findings.

How to Apply

Kindly fill in the research proposal forms. Make sure you save the completed forms in a CD/Flash Memory and deliver it to the following address:

Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS)

Ahmad Al Jaber Street

Sharq, State of Kuwait

Telephone: (965) 22278125 / 22278126

Fax: (965) -22278111


•Please refer to the KFAS Research Grant Manual, found here, for additional information.

Instructions for Applicants

•Softcopies (CD/Flash memory) and hardcopies of KFAS application forms and proposals are required for submission.

•The letter of intent must be signed and mailed to the address above as a hardcopy.

Preliminary Assessment

•All proposals are screened by KFAS based on the requirements outlined in the present call.

•Proposals in line with KFAS research scope will have the advantage to undergo peer review to assess the scientific merit of the proposal.

*Submitted Proposals for Exploratory Grants will undergo a fast-track expedited process after the preliminary assessment and written acknowledgment of grant funding.

Contact Us

If you have any inquiries, please email us at

Cycle Deadline 31st January 2019

Please note that KFAS expects to announce its next call in April-June 2019

Download PDF files:

Call for Research Proposals - National Priorities 2019

Call for Research Proposals - Competitive Research 2019

Research Grant Manual

RD Application Forms

Actual expenditure Forms