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Call to Support Civil Society Organizations Response to COVID-19 in Kuwait

Jul 26, 2020

KFAS believes that CSOs have an in-depth understanding of the social, environmental, economic, and institutional challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and can offer innovative and effective interventions to tackle and address them.

Eligible entities may compete for financial support to co-fund a volunteer, not for profit projects, solutions, or efforts that address one or more of the following areas:

  • Start / Supplement multilingual social distancing tools in public spaces, schools, and work-places.
  • Start / Supplement volunteer program for community-based care for high risk individuals.
  • Start / supplement Mental Health initiatives:
  • Start / Supplement educational awareness targeting parents to continue educating their children on  
    1. Arabic campaign for mental health awareness during covid
    2. Provide certified training in Arabic for therapists and social workers on dealing with pandemic issues
    3. Provide volunteer support for caregivers of elderly individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s.
    4. Create a volunteer psycho-social support system specifically for Frontline workers
  • Start / Supplement educational awareness targeting parents to continue educating their children on Enara
  • Start / Supplement online educational initiative for children with learning difficulties
  • Start / Supplement educational initiatives for children with disabilities
  • Start / supplement awareness program directed to business owners on caring for low income workers.
  • Start / supplement a support system for small and medium business to sustain low income workers.

Proposals must include a specific scope, timeline, beneficiaries, and human, technical and financial resources needed to achieve it.

Proposals will be viewed more favorably the more they include the following criteria:

  • The project will be implemented by a number of CSO’s rather than a single entity.
  • The project will involve training and involvement of a larger number of volunteers.
  • The applicant(s) has past experience in the area of the project
  • The targeted outcomes of the project are identified clearly and quantified whenever possible.

Application Deadline: Sunday 16th August 2020

Expected Decision: Monday 31st August 2020

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Entities (not individuals) from any of the following categories are eligible to apply:

  • Civil Society Organization (with valid MOSAL registration)
  • Non-profit entity (with valid KCCI/MOCI registration)
  • A volunteer group that was formed under the pandemic and has visible impact.

Total funding per project: 5,000 KD

Number of funding opportunities: 20 (twenty)

Exclusion criteria:

  • Entity cannot prove status as described above
  • Entity has applied through another KFAS program for the same call period
  • Application submissions after deadline.

Evaluation of applications:

  1. A committee is formed to evaluate all received proposals according to the conditions and requirements mentioned in this document.
  2. Previous experience and achievements are considered.
  3. You might be requested to present your proposal online.
  4. Supporting documents and presentations are welcomed.

For more information, please contact us through

This call is part of KFAS’s Emergency Resilience Program to support Kuwait’s resilience against the pandemic in four main areas: Health, Education, Business Environment, and CSOs.