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In a workshop hosted by the Kuwait National Cinema Company (KNCC), KFAS contributes to the development of the Kuwaiti cinema experience

Apr 11, 2017

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In line with KFAS’ pursuit to enhance and develop capacities of research and innovation in the private sector and to enable it to come up with new and improved products and services, KFAS held a field workshop – hosted by the Kuwait National Cinema Company- to develop consumer services which may potentially result in innovations through which the cinema experience will be accelerated to unprecedented levels.

KFAS has contracted one of the leading international experts in the innovative development of consumer services to survey and review available capacities before starting to train and instruct participants on the scientific approach to identify challenges and then use innovation to improve services. The workshop also included a hands-on training and focused on urgency of enhancing the experience of the audiences in the movie theaters. Twenty five participants from the private sector attended the workshop, representing several different companies and sectors including finance, investment, telecommunications and real estate development.

The workshop included training participants on the ground to improve the experience of the audiences in the movie theaters owned by the Kuwait National Cinema Company. It also included theory, guidance and counseling through the revision of actual challenges, which were presented at the conclusion of the workshop before senior executives of the Kuwait National Cinema Company.

The Director General of KFAS, Dr. Adnan Shehab Eldin, stated the objectives of the workshop by saying: "the workshop has intended to guide and inform participants of the latest global developments in innovation to enhance their skills and capacities to develop their companies. The workshop also availed data and knowledge to identify the best approach to creative problem solving and the use of precise tools to address challenges and launch novel creative ideas, in addition to the development and application of optimal solutions for their companies and businesses."

Dr. Shehab Eldin also expressed KFAS’ keenness to provide opportunities of commercial growth and development, both by developing innovation capacity of the human resources or by strengthening the innovative capacity in the private sector enterprises. He added: "We value The KNCC’s initiative to host the workshop as I consider it proof of the company's interest in innovation and of its pursuit to provide best services for movie fans and enhance the pleasurable experience of movie lovers and maintain performance quality and leadership and pioneering positon in the market."

Commenting on the workshop, Mrs. Salwa Al-Khoury, Commercial sector Manager at KNCC, said: "consistent with our commitment to development and to assist in completing what we have started in plans to develop the cinema experience in Kuwait, we are pleased to cooperate with KFAS in this training program which focuses on creativity to promote an effective innovation culture and to strengthen local cadres’ capacity in contributing to the development of the private sector". She also stressed that KNCC will persist in developing its services and in supporting institutions that deal with national cadres’ development.

This unique initiative, sponsored by KFAS, is the second of its kind, as it held last year a workshop at "Saveco"- within the framework of KFAS’ "Open Enrollment Programs” for the Private Sector, which is a training program in creativity and innovation to assist private companies in identifying creative approaches in thinking and design and in ways to promote and establish effective innovation culture and strengthen capacities and advance development. KFAS’ Open Enrollment Programs is available to all shareholding and privately owned Kuwaiti companies, regardless of size and activity.