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In Cooperation With the Ministry of Electricity and Water, KFAS Launched a Water Conservation Pilot Project In 5000 Houses Using Gauges

Jul 02, 2017

In cooperation with the Ministry of Electricity and Water, KFAS has recently launched a new initiative to conserve natural resources in the country through a pilot project to install (free of charge) water conservation gauges in 5,000 homes that would result in conserving more than 200,000 liters of water per home each year.

The new initiative, which engages a number of government agencies, aims to conserve 220 million gallons per year in 5,000 homes, saving more than two million dinars a year, and reducing the water bill by 50 percent annually for consumers.

Based on the recommendations of the Project Technical and Supervisory Committees, and according to the data provided by the Water Networks Sector in the Ministry of Electricity and Water, and the statistics of the Public Authority for Civil Information, six areas were nominated for the implementation of this pilot project in some of its residential units, namely: Ashbilyah, Saad Al-Abdullah, Kairouan, al-Adan, al-shuhadaa, al-Aqeela

The pilot project entails the installation of a set of water-conservation gauges in the selected homes, as well as identifying a clear mechanism for measuring water consumption volume, pre and post installation, to determine the achieved consumption savings.

To ensure the highest standards of implementation and operational quality and to address any potential obstacles to the workflow, a committee was formed to oversee the implementation of the project. Committee members represent the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, the Ministry of Electricity and Water, the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, and The National Technology Enterprises Company.

Eng. Dina Al Naqib, Director of Energy and Water Program at KFAS, said that citizens wishing to register their homes located within the selected areas of this pilot project are invited to visit the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences website for information about the registration requirements. Home owners will be contacted by the project manager in cooperation with the contractor’s technical staff to test the readiness of the homes for the installation of the water conservation gauges.

The ultimate desired outcome of this project is to be circulated and implemented at a wider scope after receiving the results of the pilot project and based on the recommendations of the relevant committees, as was the case in the pilot projects sponsored by the Foundation to install photovoltaic cells in homes and cooperatives, which were built-in in the Kuwait development plan 2017-2020 and grew from 150 homes to 1500, and from two cooperatives to 10 in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development.

It is noteworthy to mention that Kuwait ranks third in the average water consumption per capita, with a daily consumption of fresh water of approximately 500 liters per person, which is twice the per capita consumption in Europe despite the fact that Kuwait is classified among the poor countries in water resources.

The State of Kuwait relies on the desalination of seawater as the main source of drinking water and is ranked fourth in the world in terms of dependence on this source, with an annual cost of one billion dinars because of the need to link desalination plants to power stations to provide the required steam for operations.