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Intensive public turnout on the first day of the Cairo International Book Fair For the Alhazen, Educational Science Festival

Feb 01, 2017

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The booth of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences has witnessed an intensive turnout in the first days of the 48th Session of the Cairo International Book Fair. The Alhazen Educational Science Festival held in lounge 19 of the Fairground attracted adults and children who came to participate in its many activities to celebrate the Arab scientist al-Hasan ibn al-Haytham who was credited with being the first scientist to discover in the eleventh century AD “how our eyes see”. Known in English as Alhazen, this Arab scientist made many pioneering contributions in the field of optics. The participation of KFAS and 1001 Inventions Organization aims at enriching the program at the Book Fair and at motivating children and youth to read about the highlights of the cultural and scientific achievements of a thousand years of innovation in Arab and Islamic civilization and their impact on our lives today. 

Alhazen Educational Festival includes showing a feature movie titled:"1001 Inventions and the World ofIbn Al-Haytham ", which is the last movie starred by the late movie star Omar Al-Sharif. The storyline of the movie, which supposedly occurred in Egypt, tells the story of an Arab scientist who started his exciting adventure in the eleventh century AD to explore the mysteries and secrets that have changed our world forever. The event also introduced the book titled: "alhazen: the man who discovered how we see", which is the first book of its kind issued by the «National Geographic Kids» dedicated as a special series for children, which highlights the world of Islamic civilization. The book is published in Arabic through support from KFAS and is available at a special low price for the Cairo Book Fair. Visitors got to enjoy interesting science presentations and attractive and exciting interactive experiments, especially for children.

Dr. Salam alablani, Director of Scientific Culture Directorate at KFAS said:” through the Foundation's participation in this annual cultural event, KFAS communicates with the public to introduce the Foundation and its active role in supporting science and creativity, as well as to enhance scientific culture and thinking, through its new publications of encyclopedias and authored and translated books”.

This Foundation’s booth this year boasts an encyclopedia titled:” Timeline of the Advancement of Science and Technology” in ten parts, which takes its readers on a journey through the history of science and reviews landmark images and figures in various stages. With the advent of the bird migration season to the winter of our warm region, the “World Bird Encyclopedia”' presents rich data about birds and how to identify them as well as their migratory routes. The ”Abridged insect encyclopedia of the State of Kuwait” simplifies information about insects and present data through illustrations that help readers identify butterflies, among many amazing insects which will be vivid next spring.

Ms. Hanan Duwaidar, Strategic Partnerships Manger in the 1001 Inventions Organization said:” we are happy for the partnership with KFAS to present the   Alhazen Educational Scientific Festival at Cairo International Book Fair. Our goal of this educational Festival is to provide an exciting learning experience for Egyptian children about achievements of the "heroes of the golden age" responsible for valuable achievements that helped transform our contemporary world. We are very pleased to see children and families enjoy alhazen Festival and their interest to learn more about the achievements of scholars of Arab and Islamic civilization.