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KFAS Academy launches ENARA e-learning platform

Jun 24, 2020

KFAS Academy, a fully-owned subsidiary of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, announced that it will launch the electronic platform (Enara) ( next Sunday, June 28. Enara provides electronic educational and learning materials that are compliant with the national educational curricula, and it supports the platform launched recently by the Ministry of Education. The new platform covers all the subjects and academic levels and gives the students the chance to use it for free throughout the period of schools closure until the beginning of the new academic year 2020/2021.

Commenting on the launch of Enara, Dr. Ziad Najem, CEO of KFAS Academy said that these efforts are the natural result of the cooperation between the Academy and the Ministry of Education. It is also a translation of the special emergency program that the Foundation had launched in conjunction with the national efforts to address the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. This emergency program included among other actions, initiatives aiming at ensuring the continuation of education in Kuwait under these unprecedented conditions that the whole world is experiencing.

Dr. Najem also praised the companies and organizations that are providing Enara platform with the educational content developed by a group of national companies specialized in the field of E-learning and distance learning. The educational materials on the platform was provided by five companies: Baims, Darisni, Zidnei, Siraj and Kashcool. The platform users will also be able to benefit from the digital educational materials recorded by the Ministry of Education,

 in addition to educational resources from the Regional Center for Development of Educational Software, The British Council and Foundation’s Science and Mathematics Education Support Program. The academy will continue to add relevant educational content from accredited sources, Dr. Najem indicated.

The Academy will focus its future efforts on developing the national project for digital learning for public schools that translates the joint efforts of the Foundation and the Ministry of Education in realizing common projects. At the same time, the Academy is about to launch its program to provide training courses for teachers on virtual classes management, added Dr. Najem.

It is worth noting that all these efforts come under the emergency response program launched by KFAS in the middle of March 2020 to support the government’s efforts to face the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic in the health, education, economy and other priority sectors. The education team at the Foundation works on four main areas. The first area consists in coordinating with the Ministry of Education and supporting its efforts in implementing the national project to support public education with an electronic digital learning system for students. The second area of the team’s mission consists in evaluating the E-learning platforms and the educational content. The third area focuses on providing enriching educational materials for all family members, and the last part of the educational team’s mission includes providing educational and scientific publications to be distributed free of charge in Kuwait.

Enara is a platform that is constantly progressing to facilitate the educational process for students by providing easy and simple registration, use and selection of the educational material and the required lesson, as well as offering various learning methods such as videos, interactive learning, reading and animation, concluded Dr. Najem.