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KFAS and the Health Care Sector launch a comprehensive study of the health system in the State of Kuwait

Apr 10, 2017

News Detail

KFAS organized a workshop in collaboration with the Public Health Program at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE/Health) to kick off a study funded by KFAS entitled "Review and strategy development of the Public health system in Kuwait." Funding this study comes in response to the need of decision makers in Kuwait to hold a cohesive vision of the health system and to be able to diagnose its various functions in accordance with international best practices of State-owned public health systems.

KFAS has formed a Coordinating Committee to be the link between researchers and government entities that hold the relevant data, as it deems the study as essential for the diagnosis and development of the public health system.

The Committee is comprised of representatives of the Ministry of health, College of Medicine, the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization (KIMS), Dasman Diabetes Institute, Kuwait Center for Public Policies, in addition to a Board member representing KFAS. The Committee aims to support the study and its researchers with information, guidance and funding to facilitate securing data needed to complete the study and benefit from results of previous studies. 

It should be noted that this study comes in the context of the keen interest of KFAS in linking research to policy decision making through funding and availing specialized research and studies at the most prestigious universities in the world.