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KFAS announces the Kuwaiti project "Holy Quran Radio Channels Website" as a winner at the international level of the World Summit 2016 e-Content award

May 16, 2017

KFAS announced that one of its seven Kuwaiti projects, which received the Foundation’s award for e-content, has won the international award of the World E-Content at the World Summit Award 2016.

The "Holy Quran Radio Channels Website" was recognized as winner in the category of e-Inclusion among a range of creative projects. The project was developed by the e-Daawa Committee of Al Najat Charity, headed by D. Abdullah Alajeel.

Kuwaiti nominated projects competed with other projects from various countries of the world in the award category at the only world event that combines digital communities with e-content from 178 countries. Many Kuwaiti projects were qualified for the final rounds. Forty projects from 33 countries, including the Kuwaiti project "Holy Quran Radio Channels Website", were announced.

The Kuwait winning project is a Holy Quran broadcast on the internet, which avails its services to a vast segment of the public of different cultures and languages. Broadcasting is done through 69 radio stations in 40 languages, thus making it a communication tool 24/7 around the world through the link

The Foundation congratulated the developers of the winning project and praised the excellence the project has achieved at the international level and wished the winner more success feats in information, communication and technology. 

The Foundation added that it focuses with great interest on information technology as it witnesses its tremendous expansion and development around the world and its impact on the lives of people. The Foundation reiterated that the launch of the Kuwait Prize for e-content is based on its keenness to support and encourage initiatives to develop electronic projects with rich e-content that could positively contribute to the lives of the citizens of Kuwait, underpin the Kuwaiti identity and address the country’s interests.

KFAS announced that the winners will be recognized at a special ceremony in the International Congress of the e-Content which will be held in April 2018 in Vienna, Austria among a grand event under the auspices of the UNESCO, which works closely with the global award and supports its goals of bridging the digital gap by encouraging creative e-content programming. This universal target complements the UNESCO’s activities in this area.

KFAS stated that this accomplishment falls under its motivating role of the youth as it provides them an enabling environment to show their creativity and innovation in information technology through launching of the Kuwait Prize in e-content category. KFAS announced that in recognition of the valuable and unique success achieved in the name of Kuwait by Kuwaiti youth with the highest efficiency and dedicated efforts, The Foundation shall present the winners with additional financial reward in addition to the value of the Kuwait Prize for e-content.