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KFAS Brings UC Berkley and Kuwait University Together to Enhance Research Publications

Oct 18, 2017

News Detail

Kuwait on October, 2017 - In its on-going efforts to advancing science, technology, and innovation in Kuwait, the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) concluded today an enhanced Research Publication Workshop organized in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) and Kuwait University. Conducted at KFAS’ headquarters in Kuwait City and spanning for two days, the workshop was made possible through KFAS’ ongoing framework agreement with UCB to enhance scholarship and research capabilities in Kuwait.

The workshop, which aimed to develop research publication capacity of academic faculty at Kuwait University, tackled key issues and challenges faced by KU’s faculty in publishing their research. The faculty were presented with the general themes in the scientific publication process and looked into best practices in research manuscript preparation for submission to a scientific journal. The workshop explored factors influencing where researchers choose to submit their scientific research for publication consideration, as well as looking at different ways to make a solid argument such as creating illustrations that successfully present evidence or communicate research ideas. The participants also took time to dive into some more focused discipline-specific topics.

The Dean of Kuwait University, Dr. Hussein Al Ansari, stated during the workshop opening session “With the generous support of KFAS, this workshop comes as part of KU strategic plan and vision to empower its faculty in various areas of relevance to their work. The agreement between UCB, KFAS, and KU has already resulted in 3 teaching excellence workshops and more than 100 participants from KU teaching faculty. Today, we further reinforce these efforts with the organization of a dedicated research publication workshop that aims to provide participants with fundamental insights into the process of publishing scientific research.”

 On his side, Dr. Salem Al Hajraf , the Deputy Director General at KFAS added “For this workshop, KFAS is capitalizing on its international partnership with UCB to support Kuwait University strengthen its research publication capacity and equip researchers at KU with the right tools and know-how to publish their work in reputable journals. The workshop included faculty from a wide range of academic disciplines and thus was successful not only in fostering engagement between KFAS, KU, and UCB, but also amongst the faculty member at KU”

 “We’re excited to be working with KFAS and Kuwait University on such an integral part of scientific advancement where we work with our colleagues in deciphering how to get their scientific ideas and argument out to the world”, said Professor Nezar AlSayyad, senior faculty member at UCB and one of the coordinators of the workshop, adding “events such as this are not only important for science but for the Kuwaiti society as a whole, fostering a culture of scientific research and production and where published researchers can set a bright example for aspiring students who want to take part in the scientific and research advancements in the world”.

In addition to Professor AlSayyad, the workshop was also conducted by Professor Vincent Resh, who is also a senior faculty member at UCB. Both him and AlSayyad have extensive expertise in scientific publishing at refereed journals. The workshop also included speakers from the publishing world providing another perspective to scientific publishing, the presenters included Dr. Noha Nasser, co-Editor of Urban Design International, a leading journal in the field, and Dr. Sharmila Sen, Executive Editor-at-Large at Harvard University Press.

The UCB agreement was signed in January 2015 and is funded by KFAS, part of its role as a catalyst in advancing science and research in Kuwait. KFAS has initiated the agreement on behalf of Kuwait University. The agreement aims to enable shared research on cultural and urban development between UCB and Kuwait University, while focusing on four main components; a teaching excellence program, a research program, a publication program, and a professional program. The agreement is administered by the International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments (IASTE), a research unit of UCB.