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KFAS holds a technical workshop with the German Fraunhofer Institute for the benefit of Americana Company

Jan 21, 2017

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The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences has called upon private sector companies to take advantage of its programs and agreements with a number of leading global institutions and centres to develop their services, products and workforce as well as enhance the private sector’s role in national development.

Dr. Mohammed Salman, the Director of the Enterprise and Innovation Directorate, said that such agreements aim at developing the private sector in Kuwait through promoting investment in science, technology and innovation and through providing opportunities to  meet professional expertise and to be exposed to international best practices.

Dr. Salman added that KFAS has held a workshop for the benefit of Americana Company in collaboration with the renowned German Fraunhofer Institute under the cooperation platform between the Foundation and the Kuwaiti private sector. The target of which, is to enhance the company and provide programs and studies to support its products and services.

He reiterated that the workshop featured a presentation of the results of the feasibility study conducted by Fraunhofer Institute in Germany for various Americana’s production activities. The presentation showed workable solutions and future steps to be taken to move the company from the drawing board to actual production phase of the proposed activities. The ultimate goal is to activate the role of private companies in the economic development of the State of Kuwait.

In this regard, Ms. Otilia Fernández, Director of Assurance and Quality Control at Americana,   praised the initiative of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences in promoting local industries by exercising its role as a link between global companies and institutions and added that such initiatives contribute immensely in the success of the Kuwaiti private sector and its effectiveness