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Graduation of the participants in the 2021 Seeds for the Future Program Organized under KFAS Partnership with Huawei

Aug 25, 2021

  • The program enhances practical skills and contributes to the development of the information and communication technology sector in Kuwait

The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) announced the graduation of participants in the 2021 Seeds for the Future Program. This program is organized in partnership with Huawei, the leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. It aims at enhancing practical skills and contributes to the development of the information and communication technology sector in Kuwait.

The Director General of the Foundation, Dr. Khaled Al-Fadhel said “This is the fifth consecutive year in which the program is organized by KFAS in collaboration with Huawei Technologies Company. It exemplifies the Foundation’s effort to encourage young talented individuals in Kuwait to choose career paths in the fields of science, technology and innovation.”

“We can see that these joint efforts between the Foundation and Huawei over the past years have been very successful. Two young Kuwaiti graduates of the program are now working at Huawei-Kuwait”, he added. 

Dr. Al-Fadhel highlighted the significance of the program in supporting the country’s social and economic development as well as the use of technology by strengthening the comprehensive ICT ecosystem. The Seeds for the Future Program provides young Kuwaiti talents with the skills and knowledge to participate in the implementation of the Kuwait's national development plan and the fulfilment of the ambitious visions of transferring Kuwait’s economy into a knowledge-based sustainable economy.

“15 students from four public and private universities in addition to one international university took part in this year's program. We are also happy with the growing interest of the young Kuwaiti female students in this field recently. The participation percentage gap between boys and girls has narrowed considerably, which reflects the female students’ growing interest in ICT professions” The Director General of KFAS added.

Dr. Al-Fadhel expressed his hope that such programs would contribute to narrowing the gap between classroom and real-life practices and in developing future leaders in the field of ICT in Kuwait and the region. He also expressed his gratitude to all Huawei Technologies Company staff for their great attention and continuous support and encouragement to the participants throughout the program period and their enthusiasm to introduce them to the ICT opportunities that will shape their future.

Seeds for the Future ultimately seeks to develop local ICT talent, enhance knowledge transfer, promote a greater understanding of and interest in the technology sector, and to encourage regional participation in Kuwait’s growing digital community.