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KFAS launches a new initiative titled (KFAS Inspo) to inspire and motivate youth, which includes lectures presented by Young eminent Kuwaitis in the fields of science, technology and innovation

Oct 13, 2019

Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences launched a new initiative titled (KFAS Inspo) which includes a series of lectures aiming towards inspiring youth and motivating them, presented by the brilliant minds of Kuwaits’ youth, experts and academics who all have extended capacities and expertise in several fields, most importantly science, technology and innovation.

KFAS Inspo, with its first lecture to be held on 16th of October this year, targets Kuwaiti youth to level up their passion towards science and technology; encourage them on carrying on their efforts and scientific research; promote the scientific culture and get benefit from the expertise of Kuwaiti pioneers.

The initiative includes dialogues with Kuwaiti inspirational persons who achieved vital successes in the fields of science, technology and innovation; they also contributed in building Kuwait, achieving prosperity, promoting development path as well as developing its educational and scientific sectors.

The series of lectures also includes young speakers who achieved significant accomplishments on local, regional and international levels, highlighting their efforts before their peers in order to encourage them on exerting more efforts and taking more steps towards success and excelling.

KFAS is preparing to organize four events under KFAS Inspo in the second half of this year, starting on the 16th of October in Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre. These events will concentrate on the efforts and accomplishments of the Kuwaiti researchers Dr. Bassam Alfeeli and Yaser Abdulraheem in the field of space.

This initiative comes in line with KFAS strategy (2017–2021) aiming towards supporting and developing science, technology and innovation, in addition to supporting and developing the scientific and technical capabilities of the private sector and contributing in building the knowledge-based economy.

KFAS launched KFAS Links initiative in 2017, which is a series of lectures and panel discussions throughout the year, aiming towards promoting science, technology and innovation through creating an interactive platform where all community members exchange knowledge; lectures are presented by international experts and researchers specialized in the fields of science, technology and innovation.

To join us on our first KFAS Inspo lecture, kindly register through the following link: