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KFAS launches the 2nd Kuwait-imec Symposium to address sustainable energy

Apr 19, 2018

The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS) launched the second Kuwait-imec symposium titled: “Energy and ICT: A Crucial Combination for Deploying a Sustainable Energy System.” The symposium will take place between 17 and 18 April, 2018. It will be held in Kuwait for the second time, and it is being organised in collaboration with Interuniversity MicroElectronics Center (imec). The Kuwait-imec Symposium will welcome a large number of researchers and academics from private and public institutions, as well as investors and diplomats from Kuwait and GCC countries. All of whom will get the chance to attend lectures and discussion panels by the world’s finest researchers and scientists in the fields of nanoelectronics and sustainable energy development.

Split over two days, the symposium will hold 14 lectures that aim to address and promote the deployment of renewable energy by focusing on the latest research and development achievements in photovoltaics systems as well as modern energy storages, specifically solid state devices. The symposium will also discuss state-of-the-art information and communication technologies (ICT) that are utilized in advanced and efficient power network management systems, including cyber-security, in order to secure their resilience and interoperability.

KFAS Director General, Dr. Adnan Shihab Eldin commented on the symposium stating: “Today marks a new milestone for the solid scientific partnership with imec. This event reflects the importance of the foundation’s strategic endeavours to enhance national capacities for research, development and innovation by facilitating the exchange of knowledge between Kuwait and the world’s biggest scientific entities.”

He added that, “Hosting this symposium is vital for our plan to support the new vision of Kuwait-2030,which foresees energy sustainability as a major national and regional challenge. This event can accelerate the realisation of the directives from H.H Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to expand development and deployment of renewable energy resources, to cover 15% of electricity demand in Kuwait by 2035.”

Dr. Adnan Shihab Eldin concluded his statement by saying: “We hope the activities of this symposium will achieve its strategic objectives. These objectives include the advancement of human and technical national research capabilities in fields of national priority, as well as fostering collaboration between national and international R&D organizations and stimulating innovation in Kuwait’s public and private sectors.”

On its first day, the symposium will cover a variety of topics such as: sustainable energy systems with large renewables share, recent developments on solid-state batteries, photovoltaics within the context of the GCC region, and the ultimate si solar cell. The first day will also include lectures to discuss and highlight the latest results of joint research by imec and Kuwait University on perovskites, si solar cells and solid-state batteries. This preceedes discussions of the latest discoveries on DC-Nanogrids within commercial and residential buildings.

The second day involves seven lectures discussing more topics of relevance, such as the use of data analytics and IOT- devices in energy networks, and the potential of shallow and deep geothermal energy. The lectures also include overviews of the latest research and development activities by Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute (QEERI), Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, and Energyville, a European research institute. The last lecture will discuss the scientific collaboration between IMEC and KISR and how this partnership resulted in an Integrated Demonstration Project Proposal on near-zero energy greenhouses for Kuwait.

Inspired by its 2017-2021strategic plan, KFAS attempts to leverage the capabilities of national R&D organizations and professionals, focusing on fields of national priorities such as energy sustainability in Kuwait.