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KFAS organizes four events this month to promote scientific culture

Nov 12, 2019

Including lectures delivered by pioneer researchers from inside and outside Kuwait

KFAS organizes four lectures this month delivered by pioneer researchers from inside and outside Kuwait for the purpose of promoting scientific culture among the public and making the public keep abreast of the latest technologies and innovations.

The first lecture, to be held on 13th November under the KFAS Links Initiative, will be delivered by Dr. Robert Kaplan, Professor of Leadership Development at Harvard Business School and Founding Partner of the Palladium Group, under the title 'Inclusive Growth for All'.

The lecture addresses the redefinition of corporate success that goes beyond services or financial performance, and how they implement inclusive growth financial and profit strategies that will benefit various stakeholders in communities.

Dr. Kaplan will discuss how companies should think carefully and re-conceptualize the environmental systems in which they operate, with the aim of integrating their core business with social outcomes and implementing transformational change on a large scale.

As part of its new initiative (KFAS Inspo), KFAS will host the Chairman and CEO of Faith Capital, Mohammed Jaffar, the Managing Partner of Faith Capital and the CEO of Lord Abdulaziz Al Loughani in a lecture entitled (E-Commerce 2.0) on 17th November.

In the lecture, Jaffar and Loughani will provide in-depth information on their successful career in e-commerce, its future and the changes it has brought to the business world, as well as how to establish, build and sustain a company.

The lecture aims to inspire and encourage Kuwaiti youth to start their entrepreneurial career by focusing on delivering innovative products and services in various areas of IT strategies despite the challenges faced by local and regional businesses.

On 19th November, KFAS organizes KFAS TALK a lecture entitled "Knowledge of Behavioral Science and its Impact on Decision Making", delivered by Professor Linea Gandhi of the Chicago Booth School of Business.

Gandhi touches on the revolution that behavioral science has brought about decision-making, as well as daily examples of the big impact that small decisions can have, by checking their patterns using the principles of psychology.

The last lecture of the KFAS Links initiative on 24 November will address 'The Future of Higher Education in the 21st  Century: Global Mindsets, Student Mobility and the Importance of Social Sciences, delivered by the Frédéric MION, President of Sciences Po University, Paris.

Dr. MION will discuss several topics such as the globalization of academic education, student social and geographical diversity, increasing competition among countries to attract students of higher education, encouraging easy mobility between countries, scientific diplomacy as well as bridging the gap between natural and human sciences as a means to prepare future generations to meet the challenges.

In 2017, KFAS launched the KFAS Links initiative, a series of vital lectures and seminars held throughout the year, aiming to promote the dissemination of science, technology and innovation, by creating an interactive platform through which members of the community share knowledge. The lectures will be delivered by leading international experts and researchers with expertise in science, technology and innovation.

This year, KFAS launched KFAS Inspo, a new series of lectures aimed at inspiring and motivating young people given by a group of Kuwaiti experts and academics with outstanding competencies and long experience in several fields, most importantly science, technology and innovation.