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KFAS Showcases Latest Translated Books, Holds Engaging Activities with Kids

Nov 20, 2017

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From books to activities, KFAS attracted footsteps of enthusiastic and curious visitors to partake in the fun of science, reading and learning.  

Witnessing a remarkable public turnout, the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) showcased a variety of publications and activities on science and technology for adults and children at the 42nd Kuwait International Book Fair.

The highlight of the 10 day fair was the children’s section, where interactive and playful activities stimulated the intellectual curiosity of the children and their parents visiting the booth.  A recently issued and published book by the Foundation, titled "Al-Jahiz and Kitab al-Hayawan [the Animal Book]", celebrates Al-Jahiz, the great Arab writer, researcher and thinker of the 9th century AD. The book which discusses Al-Jahiz’s journey in the world of animals, also presents issues facing animals today, such as animal extinction and the importance of preserving the environment. The book follows the success of the “The Man Who Discovered How to See’, a book published by the Foundation in collaboration with “1001 Inventions Organization” and released during last year’s Book Fair.

A translated version of Dr. Englander’s new book, called “High Tide on Main Street: Rising Sea Level and the Coming Coastal Crisis” was displayed at the KFAS Booth. The book, which was translated and issued by the Foundation, seeks to prove that sea-level rise is the most profound impact of the long-range climate change, because, according to the book, the sea water level has consistently been rising, a problem which most of the general public is not aware of

The children’s booth also provided different interactive games and workshops that were designed to educate through entertainment. Live animals were displayed by the Scientific Center of Kuwait, a subsidiary of the Foundation, to help the kids foster their understanding and appreciation for different species. 

Every evening, Mounira Al-Aydan, an author, held a reading on stories with themes focused on the marine environment and the conservation of biological diversity. Additional activities held included coloring T-shirts and decorating them with drawings of marine creatures, as a way to visualize marine life and their important role in preserving our bodies of water. A short film, titled, “A 1001 inventions and the Book of Animals” was also shown.

The Foundation’s three scientific publications, namely, the monthly ‘Al-Oloum Journal’ translated from the ‘New Scientist’ Journal, and ‘Al-Taqaddum Al-Ilmi Journal’ a miscellaneous scientific quarterly journal, and ‘How things work’ journal, all translated in Arabic for native speakers, are among the many resources provided by the Foundation for people of all ages to use for enriching their scientific knowledge.

Through the annual participation of this important cultural event, the Foundation aims to continue to disseminate information on science, technology and innovation to the public, increasing the scientific aptitude of the society, and in particular the youth. This will not only enhance the Foundation’s strategic objectives, but more importantly, ensure that the Kuwait and its population will continue to thrive through a diversified economy built on knowledge and innovation to drive its sustainability.