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KFAS sponsors the Proteges Organization for the second year running

Jul 13, 2017

The Proteges Program has officially launched its seventh season and with that the sponsorship of the Foundation for the second year was announced. The Foundation boasts a platinum sponsorship for the program this year which was announced at a press conference attended by various members of the Program and officials of the Foundation at KFAS headquarters.

At the press conference, speeches were made by the Director of the Proteges Program, Engineer Dana Hamada, the fifth generation Portege, Fawaz al-Aneizi, and the Director of the Office of Special projects and initiatives, Ms. Ibtisam al-Haddad.

Engineer Dana Hamada said in her speech «this program was created on the basis of our aspiration to provide life and leadership skills to the new generation in Kuwait and the Arab world. These are the skills they need to help the community and to lead Kuwait and the Arab world”. She reiterated her appreciation and thanks for all sponsors and contributors to the success of the Program over the past six years and expressed her gratitude for the cooperation between the Program and the Foundation. Engineer Hamada conveyed her optimism for a year of success and progress for the Program as such cooperation will contribute greatly to the achievement of its objectives. 

Engineer Hamada added "Our main goal is to identify talented young people and give them the chance to shine. We hope that these young people will be able to acquire the knowledge and life experiences that will change their lives forever through participating in the Program. The reason we are here today is to launch the seventh generation of the Program and we encourage all young people between the ages of 16 and 24 to learn more about it and to register for the coming year as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Ms. Ibtisam al-Haddad pointed out that: ”KFAS is keen to support all national initiatives and projects that aim to strengthen capacities of the human resources and to develop the skills of the young people in the society, which Kuwait depends on in all its aspiration for sustainable development in all aspects."

Al-Haddad added that the Foundation pays special attention and is very interested in the youth and dedicates a number of special activities just for them, particularly through its scientific centers, especially the Sabah Al-Ahmad Center for Giftedness and Creativity in order to mobilize and harness their energy and provide them with the enabling environment to unleash their scientific and artistic potential and creativity.

Ms. Ibtisam commended the role played by the Proteges Program in unleashing the energies of young people and in providing them the right opportunities to develop their myriad skills in various intellectual, cultural and social aspects. She added that the Program induces the young people’s abilities with positive criticism and with the skills of dialogue, listening and communication. She expressed her hope that the Foundation's sponsorship and support for this Program will help achieve its objectives.

"The Program’s fifth generation protégé and advisor of the seventh generation Mr. Fawaz al-Aneizi added that:” the Program has been designed to enhance social and life skills and to develop self-awareness, as well as to focus on improving critical thinking and creativity. This is achieved through workshops, projects, debates, and all guest speakers in addition to a field trip to Germany and the Czech Republic to take advantage of some specialized workshop." Al-Aneizi announced that "Ms. Ibtisam al-Haddad is named as a candidate to join the seven-generation group in their German or Czech Republic field trip, which will avail her the opportunity to experience the trip with the portages and attend various seminars with guest speakers. This experience will represent an excellent opportunity to draw a full and comprehensive picture before the Foundation about Program’s overview and activities. "

He added that the seventh-generation Proteges field trip will start on July 9 and will last six weeks. Young people interested in the eighth-generation activities may apply through the website: