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Learn about KFAS Emergency Resilience Program in Response to covid-19

Apr 07, 2020

The Emergency Resilience Program in Response to covid-19. aims at supporting the government’s efforts in the areas of education, public health and business resilience, as well as to promote the readiness of civil society, public awareness, through information technology, to reduce the spread of the virus and to mitigate its effects on society. The program will undertake the following interventions;

  1. Purchase medical equipment that are necessary to improve the readiness of Kuwait’s healthcare system to manage critical cases during this pandemic, and support training programs for physicians and healthcare providers at all levels, and provide educational materials for the field volunteers and the general public.
  2. Enable students in general education to continue learning during the compulsory disruption of their education, and support the transition of our educational system into digital and distance education, by providing enrichment educational opportunities, and establishing a national digital educational platform.

  3. Provide a portal for civil society organizations in order to coordinate their efforts, inform the youth of the volunteering opportunities, support their readiness to work under these unusual circumstances,  and provide them with opportunities for activities in which to invest their time without thereby violating social distancing measures.

  4. Commission studies to anticipate the economic repercussions of this global crisis and ways to support the national economy to enable it to respond with the highest degree of adaptation and flexibility.

  5. Enable innovation and research that aims at tangible, short-term outputs that support coping with the crisis in the areas of medicine, information technology and technology whenever this is deemed beneficial during the crisis.