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Two International management and leadership experts lectured, KFAS organized three lectures on business administration, innovation and leadership

Nov 15, 2016

The Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) organized between 13 and 15 November three open lectures delivered by two of the world leading experts in business administration, innovation and leadership. The events were attended by a host of academics, executives, leaders, and managers of the private sector companies and various interested parties.

The lectures, considered the first of a kind in Kuwait, were delivered by the international business expert, Wall Street Journal Best-selling author and a distinguished Public Speaker Mr. Rohit Bhargava and by the international Innovation, Strategy & Leadership Expert, Mr. Paresh Shah. The lectures addressed the latest in business administration, innovation and strategic leadership.

The lectures fall under KFAS objectives to promote the role of the private sector and to develop its capabilities through high-level training activities by allowing access to world best practices and a chance to meet leading experts and share their knowledge and outstanding experiences.

In the first lecture of Mr. Bhargava entitled “How to Think Different, Curate Ideas & Predict the Future”, the lecturer discussed the possibility of foreseeing the future and the advantages it could give to people’s businesses, careers, and innovations to make a difference in the World.

He referred to the recent trends in business administration and their future role noting the ways of achieving and utilizing highly actionable distinctive ideas.

In his second lecture entitled, “Likability: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage in Business”, Mr. Bhargava discussed how Leaders can take their business and professional relationships to new levels of performance by building Trust.

He pointed out that Likability can be the ultimate competitive advantage in business and the reasons why some people and companies are more likable and believable than others and what that means for businesses and individuals.

Mr. Bhargava also referred to the unexpected truth behind earning trust, influencing behavior, inspiring actions, and developing the skills of likability and its tremendous payoff in maximizing revenues from clients and customers.

In his lecture titled “Lifters: How Everyday Business Leaders Can Elevate Their Companies, Careers and the World”, the international expert Mr. Paresh Shah discussed how executives may become cutting-edge leaders to help their business succeed, earn more customer loyalty, inspire their team and prepare for the future in a rapidly changing world.

He referred to the fundamental change in the rules of leadership, product development, marketing and service, with the current shift from the information era into a whole new paradigm and the new shift in management and leadership and what every leader or every employee can do to succeed in this new era.


About the Lecturers:

  Mr. Rohit Bhargavateaches marketing and storytelling at Georgetown University and regularly travels the world as a keynote speaker, trainer and consultant. He is a trend and policy curator in the world of marketing and administration, and a Wall Street Journal best-selling author of five books. Mr. Bhargava founded multiple distinguished consulting companies in the field administration, leadership, innovation, and marketing.

Mr. Paresh Shahis an engineer, earning his MBA degree from Harvard Business School. He served in more than thirty countries around the world as a personal advisor to leaders of international businesses.  governments, and the civil society. He is currently the Chief Strategist and Value Architect at The Non-Obvious Company, a global innovation, strategy and leadership consulta.