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KFAS obtains the ISO in information systems management

Oct 16, 2016

The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences has obtained ISO certification "ISO/IEC 20000 -1:-2011" in management of information technology services (IT Service Management) after it passed successfully all stages of the auditing process and tests conducted by MAQLINK Consultants, approved by the international organization ITSMF. This achievement is but a new proof that the Foundation opts always to adopt best global standards in all its operations and various levels of services.

Mr. Ziad Al-Sobbeh – Director of information technology at KFAS said that the foundation continues to develop its technical services and stressed that this acquired certification depicts KFAS’ relentless efforts towards adapting to rapid changes and developments in technology and the utilization of innovative technologies with dedication to adhere to international standards of highest levels of service quality. He noted that this certificate is an added quality value for the Foundation as it denotes its resolute pursuit for excellence and leadership. Mr. Al-Sobeeh reiterated that KFAS received the ISO certification after passing with flying colors many evaluation stages where it was confirmed that KFAS met all requirements and that said requirements are compatibility with standards for service management system in terms of: planning, implementation, operations, testing, monitoring, revision, maintenance, and capacity to improve the system in accordance with the "information technology infrastructure library (ITIL ®) criteria.

Mr. Al-Sobeeh said that the ISO/IEC 20000 -1:-2011 is the most important internationally recognized standard in the field of IT service management as it reflects KFAS’ accreditation for adopting accredited international methodology in management information systems including mechanisms, procedures, tests, monitoring of all stages of implementation, and delivery of information technology services.

This achievement is a step on KFAS’ journey towards developing and expanding its electronic service infrastructure and a significant input and mechanism to measure the efficiency of its operations and transactions with the beneficiaries. Through this recognition, the Foundation will have better venues of cooperation in the field of electronic services with other local and international institutions, which KFAS has launched its initial infrastructure by designing and operating large scale databases of the most important sectors it deals with.

Mr. Sobeeh explained that acquiring the certificate is but a commitment by the Foundation to maintain a high level of performance in the field of information technology and electronic services it avails to beneficiaries.