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KFAS organized a presentation on a breakthrough technology in manufacturing ‘Synthetic lightweight aggregate’

Sep 04, 2016

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The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences organized a visual presentation demonstrating a patented new technology in manufacturing Synthetic light-weight aggregates. A number of private sector construction companies were invited to the event.

KFAS selected a group of construction companies to attend the presentation in an attempt to identify one of them ready to supervise pilot testing for manufacturing a product with the targeted specifications (Proof of Concept).

This introduction of this initiative reflects the conviction of the Innovation and Enterprise Directorate of the vital importance in finding ways to cooperate with the private sector and in availing opportunities for the adoption of new technologies by local industries. The IE Directorate believes that such a scheme will enhance the level of knowledge-based economy in the State of Kuwait.

The presentation included a welcoming speech by Dr. Lobnah Okashah, Director of Enterprise Support Program and a review of the Directorate’s activities in collaboration with Dr. Bassam al-Feeli and Mr. Faisal al-Matrouk, Directors of programs, which were established specially to provide partial support to the private sector.

Engineer Suad al-Baher, Director of the construction program, Construction and Energy Department at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research presented a synopsis of the coarse aggregate light industry. She reiterated that the material is composed of gravel made of raw materials available in the local environment with a three-component mixture of waste materials.

Dr. al-Baher emphasized the importance of this technology for several reasons. These include, but not limited to, lack of natural gravel sources in the State of Kuwait, which leads to import from neighboring countries; the need to maximize utilization of different kinds of waste; the conservation of natural resources of Kuwait, which will positively impact the local environment.

 On the other hand, Engineer Iman al-Awadi, Director of Business Processes at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, clarified the expected benefits from the adoption of this new technology by examining cross-section estimates of the market value of the product if an investment in this technology was made.

Engineer Iman al-Awadi also pointed to the importance of a head start in the acquisition of new technologies in the local industry which will allow Kuwait to be a pioneer in this industry by producing high-quality locally manufactured gravel for export to global markets.

Representatives of the invited private sector companies expressed great interest in the new technology and their willingness to test the product in a move to ensure its viability prior to manufacturing.

Construction company representatives also stressed the importance of bringing local specifications up-to-date by Government authorities and the need for effective networking among all relevant parties to reach an agreement on adopting this technology and take advantage of it once it proves an added value to the construction sector and viable.