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KAMCO Commends KFAS efforts in private sector development

Jun 28, 2016

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KAMCO Commends KFAS efforts in private sector development

Kuwait - KAMCO Investment Company expressed its appreciation for the efforts the Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) exerts in developing professional capacities of the private sector companies, and for its readiness to promote the expertise, the professional skills, and creativity of the workforce in the private sector.

This came during the recent visit of KAMCO’s delegation to KFAS, which comprised of Mr. Farouq Taha Al Oumi, Senior Vice President and Acting Chief Resources Officer and Ms. Mariam Al-Douri, Vice President – Human Resources Development Department. The delegation praised the training programs sponsored by the Foundation, which are conducted in collaboration with various renowned colleges and universities in advanced countries, and dedicated to the workforce of the shareholding companies, institutions, universities, and scientific institutes in Kuwait. They also acknowledged the benefits of these programs and recognized their overall positive impact.

Ms. Al-Douri stated that the training programs and events sponsored by the Foundation, inside and outside Kuwait, correspond with the private sector's needs and meet its actual requirements. These programs, she stated, represent a perfect fit with the aspirations of the sector in capacity development, in addition to keeping abreast with global developments in areas of interest to the private sector.

Mr. Al-Oumi expressed appreciation for the role of KFAS in enhancing the development of the private sector through sponsoring training programs conducted by internationally renowned professionals in the areas of interest to the private sector. Al- Al-Oumi added that KFAS avails venues for the private sector in Kuwait to keep pace with best practices and to harness capacities and expertise of their workforce in various challenges such companies may face.

Ms. Mariam Al Douri expressed her hope for a sustained cooperation between KAMCO and KFAS in the upcoming training programs organized by the Foundation as the company will maximize the use of their outputs and result applications in strengthening skills in leadership strategy and risk management, teamwork role in leadership, as well as advancing the culture of science, technology, and innovation in the private sector.

The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences collaborates with prestigious academic and research institutions around the world to fund programs, workshops, and various events, to avail opportunities for future leaders and policy makers in various government ministries and private sector to be better aware and to manage and implement appropriate policies with maximum effectiveness and to lay down an infrastructure based on science and technology