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KidZania introduces it’s first-ever Science Academy in partnership with KFAS

Sep 25, 2016

KidZania Kuwait, the exciting kid-sized metropolis, officially collaborated with the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS) to launch the first Science Academy in KidZania. Kids visiting KFAS Science Academy will be inspired to test out different fun experiments in the fields of science, math, innovation and technology.

At the highly anticipated launched establishment, kids will start exploring science through the Scientific Research Method beginning their experiment by discussing the theory of the experiment they will conduct to performing and comparing their results with other scientists to then reach a group conclusion.

Fernando Medroa, Vice President of Leisure and Entertainment at M.H. Alshaya Co. said: “Launching a Science Academy in KidZania reinforces our objective in igniting the hearts and minds of children while also supporting their learning curriculum in schools. Upon listening to the feedback of our young customers, we realized that introducing a science academy is a much needed activity to broaden kids’ understanding of science and encourage them to inquire, try and test out its principles in an exciting fun way.”

“We are very proud with our new found partnership with KFAS; a pioneer in the development of scientific research and projects in Kuwait, and are confident that kids will be as equally excited as we are to bring forth greater scientific proficiency and learning experiences to become future scientists.”

Dr Salam Al-Ablani, Director of the Scientific Culture Directorate at KFAS said: We at KFAS are excited to have a novel venue for all of our programs to reach out to young science lovers in such an exciting and vibrant atmosphere. We are proud to be behind the first Science Academy in all of the Kidzania parks worldwide.

 The Science Academy in KidZania is now open for visitors and is guaranteed to inspire and instill passion in kids in the fields of science, math, innovation and technology.

About KidZania:

Much more than a children’s museum or family entertainment center, KidZania takes interactive entertainment and learning to an entirely new level by combining role playing with real life. KidZania creates a children-centric city experience designed to educate and inspire 4 to 14-year olds - from arriving at the airport, to visiting a city center to exploring the city streets. We replicate the real world in a safe and self-contained over 7,000 square meter children-sized city. As in the real world, children choose activities - such as being a police officer, doctor, journalist or a shopkeeper - and earn money which they can then spend or save. KidZania operates just like a real city complete with buildings, paved streets, vehicles, a functioning economy and recognizable destinations in the form of "establishments" sponsored and branded by leading multi-national and local brands. The facilities are designed to educate through experience, fostering the development of life skills, but from a children perspective - it's all about fun.

KidZania, Inc., headquartered in Mexico, is privately held. This award-winning concept is recognized globally for its unique blend of entertainment and education for children. The first KidZania opened in Mexico City in 1999. There are eighteen other locations including, Monterrey (Mexico); Tokyo, Jakarta, Koshien, Lisbon, Dubai, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Cuicuilco (Mexico) and Santiago, Bangkok, Mumbai and Cairo. To date, more than 20 million children and parents have visited the facilities globally. The trajectory continues with more facilities in development, including locations in Doha, Manila, Singapore, Moscow, London and the United States.

 KidZania Kuwait is a (7,000 square meter) facility, located in The Mall - The Avenues and is operated by M.H. Alshaya Co.

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