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Nurturing our Future with Knowledge

Jan 09, 2019

Our mission at The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science is to facilitate our country’s progress in science, technology, and innovation. We are working to build a knowledge-based economy here in Kuwait by enabling a technological development, creating an innovative environment and supporting scientific advancement in general.

KFAS is following four precise strategic objectives:

1. Embracing National Capabilities

We provide more than 18,000 opportunities annually that aim to develop the capabilities of students, researchers and the country's workforce in the fields of innovation, scientific research and technological development. These opportunities include professional training programs, scholarships, scientific awards and programs dedicated to talented individuals.

In one year alone more than 1,000 executives, researchers, students and teachers benefited from our International Collaborative Programs with world-renowned institutions such as Harvard University, the University of California Berkeley and the London School of Economics.

We support the Private Sector by investing in their human capital through hosting workshops and seminars and offering training to mid- and senior-level executives. We also support the advancement of college graduates and scientists to advance their career.

2. Encouraging Innovation Among Youth

We have launched initiatives aimed at young inventors and talented individuals, and we are particularly proud of the Giftedness Academy at the Sabah Al Ahmad Center for Giftedness and Creativity (SACGC), a KFAS center. In 2017, SACGC launched the Giftedness Academy for Intermediate and Secondary School for Boys, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. The academy provides gifted students with a productive environment to develop their talents, cognitive skills and scientific prowess.
We also offer a variety of programs for private sector employees, including our Innovation Challenge Program. The program instigates scientific and creative thinking through structured learning and training, with an emphasis on utilizing STI to address various challenges being faced within private companies. So far, more than 25 successful new initiatives and projects have been developed at participating companies, further advancing an organizational culture of innovation here in Kuwait.

3. Adopting Scientific and Technological Projects of National Priority

We are working to bring modern technologies to Kuwaiti businesses by investing in private sector research projects to develop products and services. We do this by connecting companies to global research institutions. Additionally, we have adopted projects in the fields of energy and water to achieve national sustainable development goals.

We have created and sponsored multiple initiatives and programs that are within the national priority and aim for Kuwait’s sustainability, such as:

Supporting scientists, researchers, academics and specialists by offering scientific missions and grants and collaborating with international research institutions, giving those scientists the opportunity to present their research findings at high caliber international conferences and other venues. This allows Kuwaitis to continue exchanging knowledge and collaborating on further research.

We also launched Solar Energy Pilot Projects that aim to accelerate the deployment of solar energy in homes and co-operative societies. As part of the pilot projects, solar energy systems were installed in 150 homes and two cooperative societies. From there on The Supreme Council for Planning and Development has adopted a plan to expand this project to install systems in 10 co-operative societies and 1,500 houses between 2017 and 2020, in collaboration with the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, the National Technology Enterprise Company and the Ministry of Electricity and Water.

4. Spreading Scientific Knowledge and Culture in Kuwait

We encourage passion for science and spread scientific knowledge through our centers, symposiums and lectures open to the public. We also have an ever-expanding Arabic scientific content in our electronic applications, publications and translations of best-selling international books in the fields of science and technology.

We are also excited at the response to our KFAS Link lecture series, which brings international speakers and experts in the fields of science, technology and innovation to Kuwait to educate the public about the latest developments in their fields and offer an open learning platform.