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Over a span of five days at The Avenues, KFAS holds an exhibition today to introduce its various projects and activities

Sep 21, 2017

KFAS is holding a five-day exhibition at The Avenues starting today. The exhibition will showcase major projects implemented by the Foundation as well as activities of its four Scientific Centers. Visitors will be introduced to the unique inventions of young Kuwaitis, energy and water projects, in addition to taking advantage of special medical services provided by the team of the Dasman Diabetes Institute on site.

Commenting on this major initiative, Ms. Besma Al Nafisi, Manager of Communications at the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences said; "The exhibition, the first of its kind, enables KFAS and centers to stay in touch with the public and to create awareness on the Foundation’s four centers and its pilot projects ".

Al Nafisi added, “the exhibition is also aimed at promoting scientific culture among people by engaging the public in educational and recreational activities, as well as availing basic medical services to visitors such as gauging blood sugar level and awareness of diabetes. The exhibition will also feature interesting story reading for the benefit and joy of children.

Ms. Al Nafisi explained that the Foundation's mega booth will include five sections. The KFAS section will show the Foundation’s major pilot projects, such as, the solar energy project for cooperatives and homes and the water conservation project implemented in some Kuwaiti residential areas.

The Scientific Center section will include a presentation of the services and activities offered by the Center, such as the Discovery Hall, the Movie theatre equipped with IMAX system, as well as handcrafts and artisan work.

She added that the Sabah Al-Ahmad Center for Giftedness & Creativity section will include services provided to students and talented Kuwaitis and the various courses offered by the Center, in addition to a daily presentation of the inventions carried out by Kuwaiti inventors and innovators over the past years with the care and support of the Center.

The section of Jaber Al-Ahmad Center for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging will present actual x-rays images carried out by the Center, especially for organs such as the heart and head, while the section of Dasman Diabetes Institute will showcase its activities and advanced research in the field of diabetes as well as conduct tests to measure blood sugar levels and provide vital information to diabetic patients.

Finally, Ms. Al-Nafisi called on the public to visit the exhibition, benefit from its services, enjoy its activities, communicate directly with the Centers’ on-site colleagues, and take advantage of the chance to ask any relevant question they may have.