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Sabah Al-Ahmad Center signs an MOU for mutual cooperation with the Ministry of Finance (Innovation Management) U.A.E.

Apr 06, 2017

News Detail

The Sabah Al-Ahmad Center for Giftedness and Creativity (SACGC), an affiliate of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences signed today a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of finance in the U.A.E. to strengthen mutual cooperation.

Dr. Omar Al-Banai, Director General of SACGC, and Mrs. Fatima Yusuf Al Naqbi. CEO of Innovation Management at the U.A.E. Ministry of Finance signed the agreement, which aims to establish a conducive and enabling environment to innovation in various areas of intervention.

This agreement is based on the aspiration of both sides to enable staff and provide them training in skills, qualifications and experience required to apply innovative methods in an institutional fashion, and to develop projects and realize strategic partnerships with specialized agencies in innovation at the national and international levels. These targets are achievable by ensuring the legislative and institutional environment which acts as a catalyst and supports innovation, in addition to preparing highly skilled generation of innovators and to investing in national talent and capacity building in this field.

This cooperation is but a result of the common goals of the two parties as it translates the vision of SACGC of tapping and nurturing talent and giftedness among children of Kuwait and of focusing on human resources development as a fundamental pillar for scientific progress and sustainable development through providing the enabling and nurturing environment.

On this subject, Dr. Al-Banai expressed his delight of the potential cooperation as expected that it will result in a positive impact on community development and progress and stressed the importance of achieving sustainable development in the region.

Dr. Al-Banai also stressed the need to pay attention to promising generations and to encourage them to work hard and be creative. As the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences is keen to nurture these innovators and embrace their energies, it established SACGC in 2010. This leading and pioneer center in the region provides a unique environment and offers a number of special programs to develop the capabilities and potentials of students and inventors. The Center provides a venue and base for talented people to deal with their creative ideas and promote their originality as it gives their imagination a free rein for more creativity.

Dr. Al-Banai reiterated that the Centre boasts many achievements and has witnessed considerable expansion activities in the last few years. He mentioned that such results have prompted the Supreme Council for Planning and Development to include one project of the Center’s in the National Development plan, which is to establish five talent academies in the governorates of Kuwait in coordination with the Ministry of education, to support and nurture creative and talented students. Last week we witnessed the opening of the Talent Academy for boys in Hawali district, which includes 110 gifted students in various scientific disciplines. 

Ms. Fatima Yusuf Al Naqbi, CEO of Innovation Management at the U.A.E. Ministry of Finance stated that it is important for such cooperation to be activated, given the resources of both parties and their quest for best practices to serve the goals of spreading the culture of innovation and of promoting the supportive and enabling environment for it.