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The Scientific Center hosts three-month ‘re_use’ program

Jan 10, 2019

Kuwait, 10 January, 2019: The latest edition of the re_use program launched today at The Scientific Center of Kuwait (TSCK); re_use being the unique multi-arts program that seeks to create a sustainable, integrative environment to further social interest and research in the fields of environmental sustainability and STEAM education. The opening exhibition for the program will take place over the course of three days, featuring a number of never-before-seen live performances at TSCK’s IMAX theatre with the attendance of a number of VIP guests.

A cutting-edge, multi-arts program, re_use was developed by renowned Kuwaiti multimedia artist, Zahed Sultan. This latest three-month program is taking place under the umbrella of re_use’s three-year collaboration and strategic partnership with TSCK and the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS).

Rana Nibari, General Manager at TSCK, said: “We at TSCK are committed to fostering an understanding of and responsibility towards our environment, thereby connecting us to the world around us. By raising awareness of issues impacting the environment through a hands-on, interactive method, we offer people the opportunity to investigate and make their own decisions about complex environmental issues.”

Adding: “Without a doubt, TSCK is delighted to support and host exhibitions and programs such as this one, which reflect our vision and goals. We are fully aware of the magnitude of our responsibility towards our environment and our role in dealing with environmental issues facing our world, especially our beloved Kuwait. We are also firm believers in art being a medium for us to introduce new ideas which increase our involvement in the world around us.”

The re_use program features a multimedia exhibition which investigates topics related to environmental sustainability and seeks to shed light on practical and creative solutions to tackle challenges the world faces today. The exhibition features interactive, digitally creative works by local and international artists and designers that engage the general public, including: Plastic Reflectic, an installation which provokes thought on how we impact the environment with plastic waste; and Phonofolium, an interactive artwork of a living tree which reacts to sound or touch to demonstrate human influence on living things.

Furthermore, ‘re_use’ also features an audio-visual performance at the IMAX theatre, in addition to a lab program offering educational classes for both adults and children - which will take place over the course of 12 weeks with a dedicated space focusing specifically on local relevance of the program’s central topic to Kuwait’s future. Visitors of all ages will be able to take part in the workshops, as the program serves as a knowledge-exchange platform for topics related to environmental sustainability.

For more information about the re_use program, or any inquiries, please visit TSCK’s website, or call 1848888. Further updates on TSCK can be found on their various social media platforms.