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KFAS supports a national initiative to reduce traffic congestion

Jan 27, 2022

The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) announced the signing of a contract with the Kuwait Transportation Company for Traffic and Transportation Consultancy to finance a model project for the Kuwait Commute initiative which aims to design and build four sustainable bus stops in the Capital Governorate to encourage the use of public transportation, reduce traffic congestion and decrease harmful emissions.

 The Foundation said that supporting this initiative is in line with its investment in the national capabilities of distinguished Kuwaiti energies and work to build cadres that possess scientific and technological knowledge and are prepared to deal with the various challenges facing the country and encourage these capabilities to provide technological and innovative solutions that are prosperous for a sustainable Kuwait.

 In this regard, Engineer Jassim Al-Awadhi, General Manager of the company and owner of the Kuwait Commute initiative, valued the support provided by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) to his national initiative, pointing out the importance of this support in embracing national cadres, releasing their inventive energies, encouraging their creative ideas and transferring them from the theoretical realm to practical field application. He explained that the initiative's goal is to evaluate the current public transport system in force in Kuwait and initiate an open dialogue with the community and relevant stakeholders from the public and private sectors, in order to achieve its goal of creating a "comfortable and sustainable public transport system" in the State of Kuwait.

 The Acting Deputy General Manager of Strategic Programs at the Foundation and Director of Research Department Dr. Mohamad Al-Ramadan affirmed the administration’s keenness to advance scientific research in Kuwait by funding basic and applied research, and contributing to finding appropriate solutions to the most important challenges facing the State of Kuwait. He stated that the first phase of the project includes developing a design for four model and sustainable bus stops in the capital region, and indicated that there is coordination with the Capital Governorate to facilitate cooperation with the relevant authorities.

 In addition, Director of the Foundation's pioneer Research Program, Engineer Dina Al-Naqeeb, said that supporting the Kuwait Commute initiative is a positive example of joint work between a number of sectors with the aim of improving a public service that contributes to the development of society and improves the quality of civil life. She indicated the possibility of expanding this model project after the success of its first phase to include Kuwait City and its suburbs, and then all areas of Kuwait.