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Enterprise Knowledge Enhancement

Commission Applied Studies for the Private Sector
KFAS fosters knowledge enhancement, with the overarching aim to contribute to the production and distribution of relevant, accurate, and reliable data on Kuwait’s macro and micro-economic environment.  It does so by funding Applied Studies, which identity opportunities on macro-economic, industry, and sectoral levels, and are specific to science, technology and innovation.

The Applied Studies process is twofold, were we both initiate new research projects that reflect the needs and opportunities of science, technology and innovation, or support new research projects that do so.

To see samples of previous applied studies commissioned under the Enterprise Knowledge Enhancement Program, click here.

To apply for this, please email, with a research proposal and contact information.  

Event Management
Under Enterprise Knowledge Enhancement Program, an application for full or partial funding for events that support enterprise knowledge enhancement is considered. Criteria for consideration of events application upholds that events that can be support are limited to conferences, expert discussions and public speakers.

To assess eligibility and apply, please fill out this form and email to  

Public-Private Dialogue
The Public Private Dialogue focusses on organizing events and activities to create a direct line of communication between the private sector and government entities to enhance regulations to further support the growth and development of the private sector and to address new trends and emerging issues (regionally and internationally) that may affect the local economy.

This activity would serve as a liaison between private and public sectors and facilitate the private-public interactions and engagements.