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The Kuwait Program at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

The Kuwait Program is a multi-disciplinary research program that focuses on issues of importance to Kuwait and the region such as healthcare and urban development. It aims to establish collaborative research partnerships between LSE and researchers and research institutions in Kuwait to produce and publish high quality academic research. The program organizes exchanges between LSE and Kuwaiti academics and policy makers to facilitate knowledge exchange, intellectual capacity and career development. 

Components of the Program:

The Kuwait Professorship of Economics and International Development:

The Kuwait Professor exercises a leadership role in advancing the academic goals of The Kuwait Program through his/her work. He/she takes a first-hand interest in key issues affecting the economic development of resource-rich economies, particularly the Gulf States. Furthermore, the Professor advises on the best use of resources to promote the goals of the Program as well as supports in brining recognition of Kuwait to prestigious academic and policy-making circles around the world. The position was occupied by Prof. Tim Besley (2007 – 2011), Prof. Danny Quah (2012 – 2014) and, since October 2014, Prof. Toby Dodge holds this position.

The Kuwait Program:

Research Component

  • LSE Kuwait Academic Collaborations: The program facilitates the establishment of joint research teams for long-term collaborative research on policy-relevant challenges facing Kuwait. These projects will produce high quality, peer-reviewed research outputs on subjects related to the Program's thematic priorities, build capacity in Kuwaiti institutions, and contribute to the academic and professional development of faculty and research students at universities in Kuwait.
  • Research Grants: The program funds at least two research projects a year that are consistent with Kuwait priority research themes.
  • Commissioned Research: The Program commissions specific research projects from across LSE’s faculty to react to Kuwait’s emerging research needs. The Program will, thus delivering time-sensitive but globally competitive policy-relevant research on contemporary Kuwait conducted by both Program staff and other LSE academics.
  • Research Fellow: A full-time Arabic speaking Research Fellow with a PhD and an established track record of research and publications on Kuwait and the wider GCC, whose central tasks will be to travel to Kuwait four times per year and interact with KFAS and Kuwaiti stakeholders, thereby strengthening the Program’s networks in Kuwait, enhancing its research portfolio, encouraging and overseeing the development of research partnerships between LSE academics and Kuwait institutions.

Kuwait Fellowships

  • Short-Terms Research Fellowships: two researchers, based at Kuwaiti academic institutions, are selected to come to LSE every year to conduct research related to the Program's thematic research interests. The Short-Term Research Fellowships lasts for up to three months, and the fellows will be required to interact with relevant LSE faculty, participate in LSE events, develop their research for peer-reviewed publications, write shorter pieces on their research for wider dissemination, and deliver presentations either publicly or to LSE colleagues. Fellows will also be required to present a paper at KFAS and their home institution on their return to Kuwait.
  • Visiting Fellowships: The Program hosts academics from Kuwait and the wider GCC as longer-term unpaid Visiting Fellows. Applications will be welcomed from researchers working on subjects of relevance to the Program themes. Visiting Fellows will benefit from an LSE affiliation for 12 months, receive support and advice from Program colleagues, and can spend time at LSE in order to engage fully in the rich research environment.

Research Workshops in Kuwait:     One workshop shaped by one of the Program’s research themes is held each year in Kuwait. LSE staff and other leading international academics will visit Kuwait and inform stakeholders of latest research relevant to Kuwait, to develop collaborations, identify opportunities and deliver executive training.

Research Seminars:   The Program organizes four research-focused seminars during the academic year in areas within the program thematic. The seminars are held in London targets Kuwait/GCC expert audience and senior figures from business and government.

For more information about the Kuwait Program at LSE, click here.

Contact at LSE:  Ian Sinclair - Administrator:  

Contact at KFAS: