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Anwar Al Nouri Prize

KFAS oversees and fully manages the Anwar Al Nouri Prize, launched in 2015 and funded by the Anwar Al Nouri Philanthropic Trust, and in recognition of the pivotal role the late educator played in the fields of education and learning in the State of Kuwait and the Arab world over more than 50 years. The prize is also in appreciation of his relentless efforts in serving KFAS as a former member of its Board of Directors.

The prize aims to enhance the quality of research in various fields related to the science of education in the Arab world. It also recognizes and acknowledges young researchers and outstanding Arab educators, as well as accelerating their progression in the educational field. The prize has a particular focus on those who will assume responsibilities in pedagogy, schools and educational research in the Arab world.

Prize Value

The prize is awarded every two years to those holding a doctorate in educational sciences from one of the universities in the Arab world. The prize value is $35,000 (thirty five thousand US dollars) for the first place winner, and a prize worth $25,000 (twenty five thousand US dollars) may also be awarded to a second place winner.

Prize Nomination Criteria

  • The university awarding the PhD in education must be in one of the Arab countries recognized by official higher education authorities.
  • The doctoral degree must be awarded within the three academic years prior to the prize’s announcement. Dissertations that have not fulfilled the full graduation requirements will not be accepted.
  • The language of the thesis may be in Arabic, English or French, provided that a comprehensive summary in Arabic is submitted.