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No, there isn’t any age specification.

Yes, there is. The application can be obtained through the website of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences or we send it to you.

Yes, there is.  It is preferable that the applicant has a Ph. D degree and a number of published research papers on the field subject declared during the past twenty years.

You can submit the best 1-15 published research papers, and make sure to list all your research papers published in the application.

Please refer to conditions No. 6 & 7 listed in the announcement of the Prize. We would like to clarify these conditions in writing, as well. In general, research papers shall be sent via the Dropbox link or any other CloudLink mentioned in the Prize announcement.

Yes, it does. First, we notify the candidates with the receipt of their nominated research papers. Once the Prize result is announced, the Prizes Office shall notify all applicants, who have won or not won the Prize, with the results through their email.

As per the announcement of the Prize, the applicant must hold a doctorate degree prior three years of the Prize announcement.

Yes, there is. We shall send it to the candidates or tell them to visit the Foundation's website for more information.

It is announced every two years.

It is a prize to encourage the Ph.Ds. students from Kuwait to devote themselves to researching, studying, writing and translating in different branches of knowledge.

The fields of the Prize are as follows:

- Natural Sciences and Mathematics

- Engineering Sciences

- Biological Sciences

- Medical Sciences and Allied Medical Sciences

- Social and Human Sciences

- Administrative and Economic Sciences

The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) allocates an annual amount of KWD 10,000 in each of these fields, in addition to a Gold Medal, a Shield of the Foundation and a Certificate of Appreciation.

The Prize is granted as per the below conditions:

- The applicant must hold a Kuwaiti Nationality

- The applicant must not exceed 45 years of age

- The applicant must have a doctorate degree and at least eight arbitration published research paper after obtaining the doctorate degree

It is an annual financial prize granted for research and development projects in Africa in one of the following fields each year:

Health - Food Security – Education

The Prize amount is USD 1 million, to be awarded annually to individuals and organizations in one of the above mentioned fields, in addition to a Gold Medal, a Shield and a Certificate of Appreciation.

Nominations of scientific institutions and centers (Universities and Research Institutes) as well as prestigious regional and international organizations, United Nations Agencies, regional affiliates, former grantees of the Prize and members of the previous evaluation and selection committees are accepted. Self-nominations are not accepted.

You can apply for the nomination via the website of the Prize:

The top ten Kuwaiti high achieving students of high school in the scientific and literary branches (The top ten students of each branch) are honored.

Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) holds an annual celebration to honor those students. The following prizes are offered: 

- Scientific trip to one of the Developed Countries to explore technological progress and encourage students to contribute to the development of Kuwait

- Cash prize amounted KWD 500

- Laptop

- Gold Medal

- Annual family subscription to the Scientific Center

The top ten high achieving students are contacted by telephone through the list of data provided to the Foundation by the Ministry of Education.