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Kuwait Prize

Aimed at recognizing the lifetime achievements of Arab scientists across the globe, this prestigious prize was introduced in 1979. The Kuwait prize has witnessed a surge of applications from Arab researchers everywhere, and is awarded in five fields, four of which are announced annually for Arabs (Basic Sciences, Applied Sciences, Economics and Social Sciences, Art and literature), and the fifth field, which is Arabic and Islamic Scientific Heritage - Science (Applied and Basic Science and Mathematics), is announced every third year for all nationalities.

For each field, the prize amounts to KD 40,000 (forty thousand Kuwaiti Dinars approximately $130,000 (one hundred thirty thousand U.S. dollars), a gold medal, a KFAS shield and a certificate of recognition to one or more of the citizens of Kuwait and other Arab countries.

Conditions and Requirements

The work submitted should be innovative, significant in the announced field, and published during the past twenty years. Submitted work may include papers published or accepted for publication in refereed journals, and books with ISBN number (authored, translated, edited, and chapter in a book).  Masters and PhD theses or work extracted directly from them shall not be evaluated as part of the applicant's scientific work.