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Dates for Research Grants Awards Postponed

Due to unavoidable circumstances, we regret to inform you that the announcement for the research grant awards from the 2021 first and second Calls for Research Proposals will be postponed as per the following:

  We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.


Building on the experience of more than 40 years of research funding, input from the research community, and a recent analysis conducted by KFAS of the national priorities that lend themselves to focused, interdisciplinary, analytic, empirical, and prescriptive research, KFAS is changing the way it approaches research funding. The focus of research funding will shift to building a growing body of knowledge and expanding a collaborative community of researchers in certain domains.

Starting in 2021, KFAS research calls will revolve around specific problem-solving questions in seven domains of knowledge. These domains are: Health, Education, Infrastructure & Urban development, Environment, Energy, Macroeconomics, and Digital Transformation. Several calls for proposals will be out this year to cover these domains at four levels, the level of applied research that revolves around problem-solving of specific national challenges, policy research that addresses specific policy questions and contributes to evidence-based policy making, and business intelligence research that provides the private sector with important insights into business opportunities. Basic, non-applied research will not be supported unless it is relevant to the focus areas and the applicant is an early career researcher that has received their PhD degree within the last 3 years. 

The second call for 2021 for proposals is in the domains of Health (excluding those related to diabetes) and Infrastructure & Urban Development.  Additional calls will be issued this year on the other domains as well as on Policy Research in the seven domains. Calls for business intelligence proposals will be announced at a later date in 2021.

Calls will announce the funding size and number of awards for each cycle, and final awards and names of awarded institutions and individuals will be published on KFAS website and official media outlets.



  • Researchers and scientists from the Kuwaiti Research & Higher Education sector, governmental institutions, Kuwaiti Shareholding Companies (KSC) and Civil Social Organizations are eligible to apply for research funding. 
  • All applications including the Letter of Intent should be submitted through the institute/organization to which the applicant is affiliated indicating the approval of the higher management of the applicant’s institute.
  • Researchers and scientists from international academic and research institutes may apply for research grants only through a Kuwaiti institution, and the project must demonstrate substantial collaboration with a Kuwait-based research team.
  • Applicants from Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) can only have three ongoing research projects, funded by KFAS, with no more than two of these as a PI or PL.
  • Applicants from other institutions can have only two ongoing research projects funded by KFAS, whether as a Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator.
  • Interdisciplinary teams, collaborative teams across national institutions, as well as teams that include younger scholars are favourable.

Application Related Documents:

The applicant and the applicant must read and understand the terms in the following documents, before signing the application form:

How to Apply:
All applications must be submitted through the KFAS Research Grant Management System (RGMS): 
(Click below for the application portal and make sure you choose the  National Priority Grant application for this call).

For instruction on how to apply please visit the following link:

Contact Us: 
If you have any inquiries, please email us at: 
Telephone: (+965) 22278125 or 22278126