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PhD Students Supplementary Fund Grant

Based on the basic objectives of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, which include supporting the development of scientific researchers’ capabilities and boosting scientific communication with prestigious academic and research institutions, the Research Department has prepared a subprogramme to offer a research grant to postgraduate students (the Graduate Research Grant Award). This programme targets students who fulfil the grants requirements and aims at supporting them carry out the scientific research conducted as part of their post graduate academic studies to obtain a PhD degree in a distinguished international university or at Kuwait University. The scholarship focuses on offering supplementary financial support that provides the beneficiary student with some research facilities to help him/her complete the scientific research he/she is assigned to complete during their postgraduate university studies.

Scholarship Goals:

  • Achieving one of the strategic objectives of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences in developing research capabilities by strengthening the capacities of postgraduate students enrolled in prestigious academic and research institutions.
  • Boosting scientific exchange between the programs of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences and prestigious academic institutions.

First: Conditions for Granting the Scholarship:

  1. Discipline must be within Science Technology and Innovation domain.
  2. The applicant should have an outstanding level, with a GPA for the last obtained academic certificate that is not less than 3.5 in the four-point system or its equivalent.
  3. The applicant should have passed the qualification stages for obtaining the PhD.
  4. The scholarship is only intended for Kuwaiti students. The PhD university should be within top 200 universities worldwide in accordance with the website
  5. The scholarship is to be approved only after the academic or research institution has approved the student’s thesis proposal.
  6. Grant amount should not exceed 10,000 KWD.

Second: (Application Format) The following information must be captured in the application forms:

  1. Name of the applicant.
  2. Name of Affiliated institute.
  3. Project description, A brief summary of the research project including goals, objectives and research methodology signed by the supervisor.
  4. Contact information, Contact details of the institute and the Applicant.
  5. Total funding requested.
  6. Detailed project budget: Grant amount required for the entire project.
  7. Consent of accuracy of information. Signed consent that all information provided are accurate.

Third: Required Documents:

  1. Research proposal (Approved by the professor) composed of (but not limited to) the following:
    • Project Summary/Abstract
    • Organization Description and History
    • Project Description (Program Narrative), including objectives and goals of the projects
    • Background based on literature
    • Research Methodologies
    • Project Timeline
    • Detailed Budget/annual budget(s)
  2. A letter approving the application for the supplementary funding from the institution that funds the doctoral degree (Scholarship provider).
  3. An official letter from the university president addressed to the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences confirming the student’s participation in the research program.
  4. Authentication of Latest academic qualification.
  5. Non-disclosure agreement or proof of collaboration with international institutes/researchers, if applicable.
  6. Updated, detailed resume of the applicant.
  7. A copy of the civil ID and passport.
  8. A copy of the latest academic certificate grades report. having a GPA 3.5 or more for a master’s degree.
  9. A letter from the Kuwaiti cultural attaché confirming the student’s enrolment in the stated university (if any).

Fourth: Additional Information:

  1. The scholarship offered by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences is complementary to the support provided for postgraduate (PhD) students conducting research studies in the most prestigious academic and research institutions internationally, and does not include the tuition fees, salaries and other benefits.
  2. Supplementary grants do not go through a call for proposal process; hence the grant is not announced by KFAS to receive applications for granting the award.
  3. A contract is concluded between the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences and the beneficiary (the institution supervising the research and the student). The administrative and financial responsibility for the grant of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences rests primarily with the academic or research institution.
  4. The academic or research institution awarding the PhD degree should submit a progress reports on the advancement of the project, a copy of the student’s thesis, and a scientific paper published in scientific journals, if available.
  5. The scholarship does not cover salaries for the research team (students and supervisors).
  6. A symbolic reward is allocated to the student when the scientific paper is published in one of the best 25% (Q1) of international periodicals and journals (as per the ranking in the scientific field of the student) of the competitive positions of scientific periodicals and journals in accordance with the internationally recognized standards (Journal Citation Reports)).

The granted scholarship can cover the following items:

  1. Purchase of accessories for devices available in the scientific department or of consumables.
  2. Purchase of software programs or computer models related to the research subject.
  3. Paying for laboratory tests (lab analysis charges), any other fees related to operating the project, or other fees approved by the research supervisor.
  4. Paying for the costs of printing and publishing, provided that these costs do not exceed three hundred Kuwaiti dinars. Students are highly encouraged to publish their paper in the one of the best 25% (Q1) international periodicals and magazines in their field of study.
  5. All applications will be marked as incomplete until the applicant fulfils all requirements deemed necessary by KFAS. In case an applicant does not submit the required documents within two weeks the date of application deadline, the application will not be considered for review and will be declined.

    How to Apply: