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PhD Students Supplementary Fund Grant

In line with the objectives of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, which include capacity building of Kuwaiti scientists and researchers supporting the and enhancement of relationships with international prestigious academic and research institutions, the Research Directorate has established the PhD Supplementary Grants (PSG) program to provide research grants to PhD candidates to complete their doctoral program. The PSG program targets PhD students at local or world leading universities and meet the grants requirements, with aim of providing them with the support they need to carry out their research work, being conducted as part of their post graduate academic studies requirements. The grant mainly provides supplementary financial support to qualified PhD students to purchase required facilities to complete their research work such as tools, equipment consumable items, software, lab analysis charges, … etc. Grant amount is a maximum of 10,000 KWD or its equivalent amount in other currencies. The grant does not cover tuitions, salaries, and other benefits.

    First: General Conditions:

    1. The applicant is a Kuwaiti citizen.
    2. The latest degree must be accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education.
    3. The major must be within the Science, Technology, and Innovation’s (STI) domains, Scientific and technology and Innovation’s domain. (To see the list, please click here)
    4. GPA equivalent of 3.5 and higher in the four-point system for the last academic degree.
    5. The applicant must be a PhD candidate and has passed the qualification stages for obtaining the PhD.
    6. The student must be enrolled full-time in one of the local universities or in one of the top 200 universities worldwide in accordance with the credible ranking such as Times Higher Education, US World News and Reports, QS World University Rankings.

    Second: Required Documents:

    1. A copy of the civil ID.
    2. A copy of the passport.
    3. A certified copy of the last academic degree accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education.
    4. A certified copy of the transcript with GPA for the last academic degree.
    5. An updated curriculum vitae.
    6. Abstract in Arabic.
    7. A copy of the research proposal (approved by the academic supervisor) consisting of (but not limited to) the following: abstract, objectives, background based on literature, methodology, project timeline, detailed project budget (e.g., total cost of the project, annual budget, total funding requested) with budget justification.  The applicant must also disclose any received grants or/and expected additional grants from other parties.
    1. Letter of Intent (Approved by the university’s/ institute’s president) addressed to Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences that confirms the status of the applicant as a PhD Candidate and thesis proposal is approved.
    2. A letter from the PhD scholarship sponsor, if any, approving of the student’s 's application for KFAS’s Supplementary Fund Grant.
    3. If applicable, a non-disclosure agreement or a proof of collaboration with international institutes/researchers.
    4. A letter from Kuwaiti Cultural Attaché confirming the student’s enrolment in the stated university.

    Third: Items eligible to be covered by the Grant:

    1. Consumable items.
    2. Accessories for already-available devices in the scientific department.
    3. Software programs or models of computation related to the research subject.
    4. Charges for laboratory analysis.
    5. Any other charges related to conducting the project.
    6. Other charges as approved by the student’s academic advisor.
    7. Printing and publishing cost, not exceeding three hundred Kuwaiti dinars (K.D. 300).
    8. The applicant can apply for one scientific mission during the project through Scientific Mission Grants, please click here.

    Fourth: Upon Signing the Grant Agreement:

    1. An agreement is concluded between the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences and the applicant and his graduate academic or research institution. The administrative and financial responsibility for the KFAS grant rests primarily with the student academic or research institution.
    2. The academic or research institution awarding the PhD degree should submit a progress report of the project, a copy of the final student’s thesis, and copies of the scientific papers published in scientific journals, if available.

    Additional Information:

    If a paper gets published in one of the best 25% (Q1) of international periodical or journals as per the Journal Citation Reports (JCR), a reward of KD 500 is given to the applicant

      How to Apply: